Colour Combo eBook
Colour Combo eBook
Colour Combo eBook

Color Combinations with Red Heart Super Saver

Daniel has put together 78 colour combinations of Red Heart Super Saver. He themed up the colours to make colour cards for you to enjoy.

We have another collection of Bernat Super Value colour combinations.

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Diva Dan's Super Saver Colour Inspiration
Diva Dan’s Super Saver Colour Inspiration Click the Book Cover to view. 


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29 thoughts on “78 Red Heart Color Combo Free eBook

  1. Hi! Love your color combos. Would you ever consider doing Caron Simply Soft combinations? Have a great day.

  2. this is really cool because sometimes you need a second opinion when looking/buying at yarns. thank you. Cece

  3. Thanks so much Dan. This was certainly a lot of work for you. Your creativity with color will help anyone who crochets or knits. Thanks again.

  4. I’ve noticed a fair few have vanished from the initial release of the article – including Pumpkin Pie, for example. Will these be reposted?

  5. Thank you so much for this. I am not color blind, but I cannot see what goes together and this will be such a help.

  6. Daniel what a wonderful job doing this, I found several color combinations I have used. This I am sure has been a big help to many who are not sure when they are picking colors. I am leaving to get some more red heart in 30 minutes. i have spent 2 days untangling yarn I washed and dried that came out of the pillow case. ugh. I have 16 ball of yarn today and I don’t remember how many I did yesterday. With all the cutting and tieing of ends I plan to make a scrap blanket. I made 2 scrap blankets before the artic vortex hit Ohio. Thank you Daniel

  7. I love every one of the color combos.
    But what can you make with them except blankets? I am not a blanket crocheting person. ?

  8. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! Thanks so much for these amazing color combinations! Dan and Mikey you are so generous with your time talent!!
    Thanks again!!

  9. Just what we all need as i know i struggle with picking matching or colours that completment each other. Awesome work Crochet Crowd. Saved for times ruminging through the yarn aisle.

  10. Thanks love the color combinations. Is there a way to download the combinations would love to keep a record of them. love your u-tube on facebook wonderful ideas I have beencrochetinb for 60yrs love the new yarns and patterns. I made the around the bases blanked and gave it away she loved it. Still working on shopies unv. Made a biniki she also loved it. I am making hats for the babies now. Cann’t wait to see your next project.

  11. Thank you and Dan for posting the color pallets. I am attempting to crochet a secret auction afghan to donate using fall colors. The colors are fantastic and will be placing an order soon.

  12. The color combinations are amazing and I will be storing this post for future reference. Thank you and Dan for all your inspiration and guidance in the wonderful world of crochet. I find as a lefty that some patterns I cannot do such as the Irish wave, but your willingness to provide left handed videos inspires me to keep trying!

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