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Crochet Super Scarf: Super Granny Scarf
Crochet Super Scarf: Super Granny Scarf

Crochet Granny Super Scarf

Introducing the Crochet Granny Super Scarf by Yarnspirations. This scarf is so easy and easily adaptable to any size as it’s just a matter of attaching granny squares together in a row to form a scarf.

Of course, the tassels are a personalized decision.

The squares start off as circles and then transitions to a square. I would use a whip stitch to joined your squares if it were me.

Included in the video below are ways to wear this scarf.


9 Ways to Wear a Super Scarf

2 thoughts on “Crochet Granny Super Scarf + Tutorial

  1. I love how big these scarves are!! You can wrap yourself up in them and be snuggly warm or you can share it with someone special! Bang on Mikey!

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