Prismatic Crochet Wall Hanging
Prismatic Crochet Wall Hanging
Prismatic Crochet Wall Hanging

Crochet Prismatic Wall Hanging

The Crochet Prismatic Wall Hanging is a simple, yet trending idea if you are looking around home decorating stores. You should be able to find the round rings at the craft store or online or you could even use the ring from an old cross-stitch or quilting circle that doesn’t work well anymore, upcycling is fun as well as useful. Have fun with this pattern and play with those colours.

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Prismatic Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

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To do this concept, as you will see in the pattern, you will single crochet along the top and bottom of the ring separately. Using a tapestry needle, you will feed the yarn through each stitch strategically crossing over the centre to give the look

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