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Marilyn Munroe Silhouette

Marilyn Munroe Silhouette

Yarn Hookers – Graph Crochet

Have you heard of Yarn Hookers before? I hadn’t until the last few months. The website isn’t what you think it might be.

Hosted by Jennifer Greenfield, Yarn Hookers is a “Crochet by Graph” website. You most likely have been seeing a huge trend in graphghans. Yarn Hookers puts the power in your hands with creating graphs.

Jennifer teaches concepts such as carrying over the yarn, drop & drag, beading and cross-stitch.

Yarn Hookers, Owl Afghan
Yarn Hookers, It’s a Girl Afghan

Her website is loaded with pre-made graphs featuring cute and inspirational pictures that are incorporated into the graphs. Jennifer does the artwork herself and then creates the graph to go with it. Jennifer has a freebie section that has 3 pictures that you can test yourself in doing.

Jennifer’s website is well organized. One thing that I love is that if I like a pattern, I can change the colours to make it more personalized. I can also choose to skip over a section of the graph if I prefer to leave it out. It’s really versatile.

Most of the patterns are about $5. Think about how long it would take you to make a graph when Jennifer has done the leg work already. This would allow you to purchase it, get it and then start right away without fussing around with graph paper, sizing and ensuring you are doing it right. Well worth it, in my opinion.

The instructions provided are not row by row. You get the graph and then begin to follow along.


Get More Information
Get More Information

Jennifer Greenfield,

Jennifer had me ‘hooked’ and I wondered so many things. So I have decided to paste and copy some questions that I asked of her. Who is Jennifer Greenfield and what is motivating her? The rest of this article is my interview with Jennifer.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Woodland Afghan Pattern
  2. 19 Crochet Beach Cover-ups
  3. C2C Graph Maker for Afghans
  4. Crochet Sashay Shawl Pattern
  5. Crochet Sock Hats – All Sizes Pattern


What in the world made you want to specialize in teaching the world to crochet by the graph?

​I have always loved to crochet and learned art as a young kid. Crochet was a hobby that was always there and offered peace of mind to me at any age.

Then a few years ago, I honestly wanted to try something new. Eventually, as I searched online for new patterns & videos and ran across a woman who had crocheted a gorgeous picture afghan. I was instantly smitten and spent the next few months perfecting my own methods to create my own crocheted picture within an afghan. Keep in mind – I had some fails in the process but with perseverance, I managed to conquer a new challenge.  After spending the better part of a year learning, I realized I needed to learn to make graph patterns! It was at this point that became a vision for me. I am now in my 3rd year of offering “Learn to Crochet by Graph” tutorials, as well as, “Crochet Graph Patterns”.

I also noticed you have added other elements to your store?

Oh Yes! That is the most exciting part of running your own online website. As a site owner, you must continue to add new and exciting things to keep your audience interested. Other than the available Graph Patterns, I also offer some traditional written patterns. However, I was super excited earlier this year to begin offering “Custom Fabric Labels”. I had discovered a need for this on a personal level when I was crocheting Christmas gifts for my own family and friends. Then I had a “Light Bulb” moment that other crochet artists might love this idea as well.

Do you have any favourite inspirers?

OMG – Yes… I love a number of online crochet groups. One is yourself – I often watch your videos and bookmark certain videos. I do the same with a few others such as BobWilson123, BethinTx, Crochet Geek. There are more but these instantly come to mind. I also love to check out their FB groups or forums as so many talented people are gathered together in one place offering fun friendship and tips of the trade. I always feel that there is much more to learn – I once heard “The smartest person in the world knows that he/she doesn’t know everything”. I try to live by this rule – It helps to bring things into perspective.

You can find Jennifer at the following media outlets:

PS. This is not a paid advertisement. I met Jennifer through another online group and was inspired by her vision. I thought Member of The Crochet Crowd would enjoy learning more about Yarn Hookers.

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