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Lissa’s graphghan & crochet service provides a wide range of products from cute whimsical characters and crocheted quilt blocks to realistic portrait heirlooms down to pillow sized projects. She is a self-taught designer of 14 years and learned how to work plastic canvas and crochet at 11 years old. Her designs are seen all over the crafting communities and social media sites.

View her website simply called

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Get More Information

You can join her fun and an active Facebook group here, “Graphghan Depot Crochet” and visit her pattern storefront, aptly named, Her patterns provide easy to follow steps, graphs, row by row written instructions, as well as a full-colour key and yards needed to complete the project. She also offers a pattern club where you can bundle up and get several of her design for a low monthly price. She’s usually always available so if you have any questions just drop her a message!

Lissa’s graphics are exceptionally cute and make for great projects to work on. The characters and more have that small detail of being personal and meaningful.

Price List: $3 – Washcloths to baby blankets
$5 – Throw to Queen sized afghans
$7 – King-sized afghans
$10-20 – Pattern sets
$5 – LCGC base club price (pick 3 patterns)
$15-45 – Custom jobs of portraits or other requested designs

Pattern Suggestions

  1. 9 Months to Crochet by Maaike van Koert
  2. Crochet Graduate Gift Jar Pattern
  3. Mikey’s Sculpture: Travis The Crochet Giraffe
  4. Crochet Wavy Ridge Blanket Pattern + Tutorial
  5. Crochet To Go Bag Pattern + Tutorial

She’s collecting a gallery of finished items on her Pinterest page:

Contact: Lissa is usually always available. You can send her a message on her Facebook profile:
She also has two other storefronts on Ravelry and Craftsy:

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  1. terry turilli

    do you recommend the winsttch program

  2. i have been doing graph ghans for sometime now ,i love it my question to you is this ,how do i go about buying a graphghan machine that prints out in words the stitch count for chrochet patterns i get so many requests for disney afgans that its hard to keep counting the stitches on the graphs with out makeing mistakes ,in with there end up with so many mis counted or uneven stitches please help in Pennsylvania

  3. I am in Lissa group I loved that she passionate in our craft joins in her crochet alongside always has awesome ideas and designs always thinking of her members that’s why she is the best graphed online???

  4. im sorry to see you didnt mention Linda Kay’s website ( for custom graphs with over 10,000 members and she has events to teach everyone what they need to know to accomplish fine works of art please add her to your list and check out her group! Mikey I love your videos too!

    • This article is specifically for All of the people in the graphghan section are people who have reached out to me. So don’t be sorry, I haven’t heard of Linda myself.

      If you thinks she needs a review, have her contact me through email and I can work on it.

      I don’t just blindly review a website or add them as a listing without their consent.

      🙂 Michael

      • Kathleen Jackson

        Thanks Mikey! I will have her contact you and you were bang on in your article by telling people they can customize their crochet with custom graphs! I know there are as many groups on facebook as their are patterns Linda Kay’s daughter does great pillows for children’s rooms that most moms would be proud to do for their children! I Love your video’s on youtube and use them regularly and I hope to see you at the tent sale end of may! I have a grapghed gift for you 🙂

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