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Do It Yourself Graphghans and Resources

How to Get Graphs for Graphghans

With Graphghans being the rage for crocheters. Crocheters are constantly looking for ways to create their own graphs. There are different resources out there such as websites that will allow you to make your own graphs to websites that do it for you.

The price ranges of the websites that offer this service vary and you should shop it around.

The Crochet Crowd doesn’t provide the service of working with graph companies for crocheters or custom-create any graphs. We are not involved in this element of crochet but have provided resources below on more information and referrals of companies that provide this. 

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How to Crochet Your Own Picture Afghans
How to Create Your Own Crochet Picture Afghans. Source Pattern Wizard Graph Maker.

Two Types of Graphs

Graph Paper Graphs

The first graph concept is actually seeing a picture done in a graph format so you can see the box colours.

This type of concept requires you to count boxes. Generally, this concept takes longer and it is possible to make an error more so versus the second type of graph.

I found myself trying to work with charts like this really cumbersome and I am in fear of making a mistake that I may not find right away.

Crochet Word Chart
Crochet Word Chart

Word or Number Charts

Seen on the right is called a Word Chart. Some companies call this a number chart as well. I prefer this concept to overprint off a graph.

How this concept works is that you will follow the rows, step by step. The colours are assigned for you and the stitches are all the same. The pattern is shown in the bow tie scarf.

So how you read something like this is as follows:

Row 5, (2)A, (26)B, (2)A.

It’s telling you the first two stitches are using colour A, the next 26 stitches are using colour B and the final 2 stitches are using colour A.

These types of patterns are very long as each line of the pattern has its own line. Using your pencil, you can check off the rows as you go. The counting is already done for you and must faster to follow along than the graph charting. You can use this Mikey Bow Tie Scarf as a trial if you like. The pattern is free compliments of Momma J.A.M Pack.

Sources for Making Your Own Graphs

Free Services

  • Graph-ghan Tutorials – Free Tutorials by Mikey
    • I will show you how to read a graph.
    • Way to make your own graph.
    • How to change colours.
  • Stitch Fiddle – Will Make Graphs and Crochet Diagrams.
    • This free program is probably the best free service I have seen so far.
    • It can do multiple types of graphs which include crochet, knitting and embroidery.
    • This website also has a free crochet diagram maker.
    • No sign up is required to play.
Get More Information
Get More Information
  • Pattern Wizard Graph Maker – Will Make Graph Based Pattern for Free.
    • Has limited use of sizing. The program is technically designed for cross stitch but the graph it creates can be used for crochet. You can select colour counts and more.
Get More Information
Get More Information

Paid Services

  • Linda’s Yarn Art – Numbers Chart
    • This company provides numbers chart for photographic and other types of afghans.
    • Linda accepts digital artwork and photographs to be transferred to a numbers chart to follow along.
    • Linda will provide advice and help during the process and has an online community to help as well.
    • Prices range from $8 – $12 USD per picture.
Get More Information
Get More Information
  • Momma’s J.A.M. Pack – Crochet Word Charts: Crochet Words, Not Squares
    • This company has a lot more detailed charts for photographic results for an afghan.
    • They have free examples to try to test your knowledge with tutorials to show you how to do it.
    • They have a lot of pre-done graph examples to purchase a pattern plus you can request a pattern be made. Review their requests area for this.
    • Prices range from $4 to $10.
Get More Information
Get More Information
  • Yarn Hookers – Graphs Only
    • There are tutorials to help you get started with free examples to try.
    • The graphs are generally don’t have a loss of detail which would be making the graph-ghan quicker.
    • You make an online purchase and they will send you the PDF of the pattern.
    • Prices are about $5 per graph.
Get More Information
Get More Information
  • C2C Graphs – Graph and Written Instructions
    • Easy to understand graphs and written instructions for each graph.
    • The graphs are ranging from traditional to whimsical and have a diverse theme list for what you may enjoy.
    • Your purchase directly through ETSY and its an instant download. You can make arrangements for customization for a nominal fee.
    • Ready to Go Patterns range from $5 and up.
Get More Information
Get More Information
  • Crochet by Numbers – Numbers Chart
    • Many of you have seen Crochet by Numbers examples online. They are a premium service of transferring a photograph to a graph and making it easy for you.
    • They can take any photograph you have and transfer them to a Number Chart.
    • They will give advice on which pictures work best.
    • You purchase their service and they will send you a PDF of the pattern that is custom created for you.
    • Prices range from $50 – $100 per picture.
Get More Information
Get More Information

Please note that none of these paid companies are sponsors of The Crochet Crowd. They are here as a courtesy to help crocheters. Please ensure you do your reviews prior to making a purchase. I would personally recommend these three companies if I were to share them with a friend.

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  1. Nicole Goodwin

    How do you create the written pattern on fiddle stich?

    • Mikey

      You cannot I don’t believe. The program is free. If you are looking for a written pattern.

      You can contact Sarah at Momma’s Jam Pack and submit the design. She will do the labour for you. She’s pretty inexpensive. Here’s a direct link to see more.

      • Are you able to ask for Sarah directly. I have three things that I would like to have done but have questions since I don’t have original photos. Please contact me at my personal email: [email protected].
        Thank you for your time and cooperation.
        Teresa M. Robare

  2. Kas

    I want to make a special but kinda sad in memorium blanket . long story but i dont know how to graph yet either. I am thinking about doing it the old fashion way, on paper. lol

  3. Lauren McGoff

    I need a graph made where do I go for this?

  4. robin mcclure

    Personally Graphs or Graphghans can be made without onesies in them, all over crossstitch is just that crosstitch and not a graph, i do not like to have to cut and tie knots or to back them, and some f those servvices ya described ya have to do just that with, I make my own and what you see on front is same on back, I can also do the word charts, My personal Opinion Winstitch and Pc Stitch re the best 2 programs out there and what most graphers are using now. What some charge for those graphs and word charts are ridiculous when the programs do it for them now and they no longer have to do it out by hand. So this really needs updated on alot of the details now! Again sorry my personal opinion as Ive shown what can be done and others just refuse to learn to do. Quality over Quantity and just to sell means more to me then the Money they want to make!

    • Debbie

      Could you make a graph of the Virginia Tech logo?

  5. Jorita Duckworth

    I am needing to make a crochet graph for an afghan for my Grandson I have a picture of what I am wanting to make but do not know how to make the graph to make it. Willing to pay for the graph just need this help, please I need to get started on it as it will be a graduation gift for him. Thank you!

    • Debra Stankovich

      Hi Jorita, My name is Debra Stankovich, and if you message me on FB, I can help you with the graph. I have heled others by making the graphs and the written patterns for both SC and C2C blankets. I would be honored to help you.

    • Debra Stankovich

      I can help you if you let me.

      • Hello Debra Stankovich,
        I have some pictures that I would like to get done in a graphghan pattern. My problem is that I took a picture of a picture on the ones that I want made. One was a painted picture that I took which was made for my baby sister who is down syndrome. There’s also another picture that I took that was scetched of my children that I would like to have done. The other one is a picture of my children that I haven’t seen in 27 years. Is there a possibility that you might be able to help me with this. Please email me at my personal email address [email protected].
        Thank you for your time and cooperation.
        Teresa M. Robare

    • Chastity Tompkins

      I want a pattern with a friends name on it. Sydnei. Then maybe some owls own it. Please help me

      • Mikey

        You can use a photoshop program to design the name. Then go to and insert the photograph and it will create your chart for you. 😀

  6. Kianga Kearney

    I love the info this article provided… Unfortunately it did not yield info that I was able to find useful.

    • Jodie Kingsley

      I will give this a try love the group and love Mikey to ilke to email him to show some of my work have happy crochet day from jodie

  7. Jodie kingkey

    Like Mikey I learn. A lot from.

  8. Ellen C Williams

    I know how to read a graph but what I want to know how to create my own graphs. I cannot find the answer anywhere and the calculater on crochet crowd does not tell me how many squares i need on my graph

  9. Zahn

    Yes, I did love it. I have crocheted all y life. I did so wish to join but when I attempted to do so, I found the wording was illusion, and I did not u derstand anything. It gave no idea of what it cost to join, what you were getting or anything. I am Leary of joining, and I really wish to, but can you be clearer on prices legalities, etc. thank you

  10. Edith Early

    Mikey never goes out to lunch!!!

  11. Chris

    Very helpful !

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