Linda’s Yarn Art: Graphghan Maker Service

Linda's Yarn Art Graphghan Pattern Services. Picture: Linda's Daughter
Linda's Yarn Art Graphghan Pattern Services
Linda’s Yarn Art Graphghan Pattern Services. Picture: Linda’s Daughter

Graphghan Portrait Pattern Service

Linda Charles, sole proprietor of Linda’s Yarn Art creates customized graphghan portrait patterns in number format for crocheters.

Linda accepts your photography or sketches in digital format and transfers them to an actual pattern for you to follow.

Your PDF will come to you with your photograph at the top and the instructions will be provided. Depending on how complex the photo is, it can be many pages. Here’s an example of how the instructions will look:

Row 8: [144sc B]
Row 9: [8sc B], [128sc A], [8sc B]
Row 10: [8sc B], [128sc A], [8sc B]
Row 11: [8sc B], [2sc A], [124sc D], [2sc A], [8sc B]

The instructions are telling you in Row 8 that you do 144 single crochet using colour B. In row 9, it’s telling you the first 8 are single crochet using colour B, next 128 are using colour A and final 8 are using Colour B.

As you work throughout the pattern, you go line by line to get picture-perfect results without having to count a graph box.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Baby Bundle Blanket Pattern + Tutorial
  2. Crochet Cute Baby Booties with Strap Pattern + Tutorial
  3. Crochet Adult Hat Pattern + Tutorial
  4. Crochet HDC Wave Afghan Pattern + Tutorial
  5. Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Price List

Linda’s Prices are pretty straight forward.

  1. Photograph – $12 USD per Pattern
  2. Non- Photograph Such as the Lady Bug Afghan – $10 USD per Pattern.
  3. Re-sellable Patterns $8.00. For example, if you submit an example like the Lady Bug Afghan and you authorize Linda that it can be put into her gallery as a choice for others to buy, it is only $8.

You can submit other ideas to Linda for consideration but be aware that if the photography or concept requires a great deal of work, she will quote you a special price.

Try A Free Example

Linda's Yarn Yarn Ladybug Project
Linda’s Yarn Yarn Ladybug Project, Click the PIC to get the Free Download. Lady Bug Graphghan PDF.

Linda is offering you a free pattern to try.

The example lets you see how the pattern is written for you to make an informed decision. It includes basic instructions and telling you yardage required.

If you print this out, you will just follow line by line and check off the lines as you complete the project. These are much easier to follow than graphs themselves.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Ladybug Baby Blanket Pattern

Preview or Download the Lady Bug Graphghan

Finished Examples by Crocheters

Linda is proud to collect photos done by the crocheters using her patterns. Be inspired, view her Pinterest Gallery. Many will simply leave in your awe.

How to Contact Linda

The best way to contact Linda and make arrangements is through Linda’s Yarn Art Website by sending her a request.

Get More Information
Get More Information

The picture in the profile box is actually Linda done in yarn! You can do that for yourself too!

Linda's Yarn Art Facebook Page
Linda’s Yarn Art Facebook Page, Click this Pic to get directly to her Facebook Page.

Linda’s turn around for order is up to 2 weeks. Her prices from $8 – $12 make her in a very high demand for photographic processing.

The Crochet Crowd is not associated with Linda’s Yarn Art, nor are they are a sponsor of The Crochet Crowd. Should you have any concerns regarding your orders or questions regarding this service, please ensure you direct through concerns to Linda. We have provided this write up as a courtesy. 

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  1. Carole Kuenzli

    Looking for a pattern like single crochet of bride groom silhouette

  2. Karen

    Hi Linda,
    I would like to order 2 of your patterns but I can’t get to a shopping cart.
    Is there another site I need to go to?
    I was in the Linda’s yarn art site.
    Thank you,

  3. Linda is one of the best, she lets you know how things are…… and she keeps a queue for you to see how many are ahead of you so you don’t have to keep wondering. It is a good group to belong to.

  4. Margot

    I used Linda’s service after reading about her site on The Crochet Crowd. I’ve already completed one photoghan and have started my second. Linda makes the whole process simple and I highly recommend her service to anyone looking to make a photoghan.

  5. Sue Fontes

    I have used Linda’s yarn art site and she is beyond “great”! She follows thru she checks up on you and the entire group of people in her group offer all the support you need… I would highly recommend you use her services.

    • Thanks Sue! I love seeing everyone’s work come to life! I am so happy to have the support of my “LYA” family!

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