Crochet Slouchy Cardigan

Crochet Slouchy Cardigan

This beautiful Crochet Slouchy Cardigan is classified as easy and it truly is. It consists of two front panels, 2 sleeves, 1 back panel and the fancy edging is done separately and then sewing onto the edging of the front panels.

Sized from XS – 5 XL. The stitchwork is a combination of two different stitches to give it the texture look you see.

If reading patterns are uncomfortable for you, I have a video that is comprehensive in learning how to read patterns. There are 4 pages to this pattern but when you work it section by section, it’s not as overwhelming versus looking at it from a distance.

Give this one a try with your crochet hook.

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Crochet Slouchy Cardigan Pattern

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16 thoughts on “Crochet Slouchy Cardigan Pattern

  1. I have frogged out the sleeves of this pattern too many times to count. I follow the instructions to the letter and end up with lopsided sleeves. I have friends try as well so please make a video tutorial. I have everything else done with no problem

    • Hey ya… I will put this on the long list of required tutorials requests. I have to crochet the entire thing first to understand the pattern before I can film it. So it will take me a while to find time to do that. However, it’s on the list.

      • Have you tried calling or emailing Yarnspirations. They do pattern support for their individual patterns. I’m unsure if they are answering from home but you could email them. If there is a pattern issue, they have it on file at well. You being offset could be a pattern related issue. I wouldn’t know that detail but they would.

      • I did email as well as put a question on the pattern site but have had no response. It is most frustrating. But I do also understand that if everything is as turned upside down as it is here I may just have to be patient.


      • The last sweater I did I had to go row for row on each side in order to have it work up right, I found doing one side and then the other it was as simple as my tension messing me up it wasn’t staying consistent through the whole thing on both sides.

  2. Why have a space for comments when they never get answered? I would like to know the answer to some of these questions.

    How easy is it to adjust this pattern? I’m very tall and would like to adjust accordingly to my size.

  3. I’ve tried and frogged this three times. It’s the ends. I can crochet straight, (just made a different cardigan that turned out fine) but the ends on this one…they just don’t work out. If I can’t even get it on the back, I sure am not going to be able to shape the neck/arm area. I give up.

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