Crochet Snug Cowl Pattern

Crochet Snug Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Snug Cowl

Crochet Snug Cowl

Crochet Snug Cowl

My favourite hats and cowls usually have a mix of Acrylic and Wool together. I get that some people are allergic to wool, I’m not. Living in the north, winter needs that extra warmth and wool is the way to do it.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Snug Cowl

Bernat Twisted Yarn has playful and suitable colours of the winter season. It is available exclusively at Walmart only. I picked it up at my local Walmart here in Canada.

I decided to make a cowl that isn’t so big. Something to slide over my head but also be mindful to close in the gaps around my neck. The model in the photo isn’t a true representation of a neck size. For me, this fits comfortably around my neck to help seal off the draft at the top of my coat. The cowl is 21″ long by 8″ wide. It’s slip stitched together at the end to form the complete circle. The colour changes you see are coming directly out of the ball that way.

Bernat Twisted Yarn

Bernat Twisted Yarn

Free Pattern: Crochet Snug Cowl PDF

Demonstration of the Criss Cross Over

The pictures below are found in the downloadable PDF as well.

Crochet Criss Cross Over

Crochet Criss Cross Over. Start by skipping 1 stitch and doing a double crochet in the next.

Crochet Criss Cross Over

Crochet Criss Cross Over. Double crochet in to the skipped stitch. You are not working in front or behind the stitch. See next picture.

Crochet Criss Cross Over

Crochet Criss Cross Over. Wrap hook and insert directly into the skip stitch. The yarn leading to the ball will go up and over the post of the previous double crochet. Wrap the hook and pull the yarn through. It will trap the double crochet under this new stitch.

Crochet Criss Cross Over

Crochet Criss Cross Over. Wrapped and pulled loop through.

Crochet Criss Cross Over

Crochet Criss Cross Over. Complete double crochet as normal.

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