Crochet Sparkle Texture Stitch Sampler Blanket

Crochet Sparkle Texture Sampler Blanket
Crochet Sparkle Texture Sampler Blanket
Crochet Sparkle Texture Sampler Blanket

The Crochet Sparkle Texture Stitch Sampler Blanket is a sampler with several stitches to learn.

In this stitch sampler you will learn the following stitches:

  1. Puff Stitch Clusters
  2. Waffle Stitch
  3. Half Double Crochet Horizontal Front and Back Bars
  4. Zigzag Bobble Stitch
  5. Diagonal Spikes Stitch
  6. Wicker Stitch

Easy-to-follow fun blanket stitch sampler that will have eye-popping texture to enjoy. Using Bernat Blanket, this will crochet up really quickly.

Stitch Multiple

For the starting chain, the stitch multiple is 8 chs + 2. Please note that in sections where you need to eliminate 1 stitch, just do the 2 Together midway through the row as suggested. When you need to put the increase stitch back in, do it at the middle of the row.

Doing 8 Chains + 2 will allow the zigzag section to line up perfectly. The Stitch Multiple for the beginning section is only 4 chs + 3 but if you do that and the stitch multiple you do doesn’t land perfectly, the zig zag will misalign.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Sparkle Stitch Sampler Blanket


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  1. Jennie Butler

    Hi Mikey

    I was wondering if there is a written pattern for this afghan.

    • There is a written pattern. The blue letting of the name in the first paragraph or the blue button that says pattern a little bit down the page – both will take you to where you can download the free pattern

  2. Hi Mikey
    I may have read it wrong but in the puff stitch we are skipping 3 between stitches on your video. In the pattern it says skip 2 ? I am still a beginner , what am I missing ? Thanks

    • Mikey

      There is a crochet diagram. If you look at the diagram, it may help you to see how many to skip. I may have screwed up the words so be sure to follow the pattern if you are not having any luck.

  3. Deb Ulatowski

    Hi Mikey. I’m wondering if Crochet Sparkle Texture Stitch Sampler Blanket has a pattern repeat count for the width of the design. I have to use RHSS, so the blanket would be very narrow with the current count..
    Thank you so much!
    Deb U.

    • Mikey

      I stated in the tutorial that I wasn’t sure but I have just emailed the designer to see if there is actually one. I wasn’t able to figure it out because it is a sampler. I’ll follow up with what Julia answers back.


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