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Textured Flower Pillow
Textured Flower Pillow

Crochet Textured Flower Pillow

I designed a pattern back in 2018 as I was inspired by texture and flowers. It was a motif for a granny square with lifted off texture ridges. From a circle of 8 spokes to finishing off with a square motif.

I called it the Crochet Flower in the Square. Some crocheters went on with using the example as a finished granny motif.

For the Textured Pillow, I decided to stick with a base colour. Using only 1 ball of Bernat Maker Home Dec for it. I also use a 12″ pillow frame as the pillow is small for accenting. It could also be used as a Wedding Ring Pillow for the Ringer Bearer of a bridal party. Of course, the pillow has been re-written to exclude the colouring and just let the light play with the final look.

I really do love the Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn. There is a ton of yardage on a ball. It’s definitely user-friendly and doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny
Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

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