Crochet Flower in the Granny Square Pattern

Crochet Flower in the Granny Square Pattern

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Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Crochet Flower in the Granny Square

Inspired by texture and simplicity. We transition from a round flower motif to a square box to put the flower inside the box. With a bit of window dressing to highlight the flower inside the box.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Flower in the Square

The granny square has 11 rounds and is 11″ x 11″. I would use a whip stitch to sew your squares together.

Using Caron Simply Soft Yarn.

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You can download the instructions here.

Up Close Photos

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Crochet Flower in the Square Granny

Examples of Finished Afghans Using This Square

Donita Warren Flower in the Square

Donita Warren Flower in the Square

Flower in the Square by Roberta Duley

Flower in the Square by Roberta Duley


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    13 thoughts on “Crochet Flower in the Granny Square Pattern”

    1. Anna Walcott says:

      Good evening, I am trying to follow your pattern to make a pillow. I am making the pillow is soild color. Is there a way I can read the pattern that not multi colored. So I am not casting off. Thank you so much have a bless evening and God bless you and your family always and forever and stay healthy.

      1. Jeanne says:

        Sure, instead of breaking your yarn at the end of the rounds, just chain up and keep going.

      2. Anna Walcott says:

        What about doing double crochet back post. When using one color. How many chain do I make ? If its possible in the future to do both patterns, one main color and the other multi colored. It misleading I thought I was getting a pattern for a pillow in the video. instead the video shows multiple colors. I am aware that the pattern is versatile. However for first crocheters its difficult to understand yet to assume to chain up. Even for people who are using this pattern for first time. It for the fact the video show one color and by clicking on it its multi colored.

    2. Ruth Garcia says:

      Hello Mikey, for the Flower In The Square Granny, the written (pdf) pattern doesn’t say how many squares to make if you want to make it as an Afghan. The pictures on the site looks like folks used about 20 squares. Does that sound about right? Thanks so much. Looking forward to your upcoming pattern book.

      1. Mikey says:

        I left that open ended as you can make as many as you want. I did a blanket with the Forget Me Knot Flower that is based on this design as a 4 x 5 square blanket. (20 squares)

    3. Nicole says:

      No Blue Button

    4. Sue McVicker says:

      No Blue Button

    5. Kelli R says:

      Would you block this square or not? I was reluctant to blocking but now that I have started to block my work more I enjoy the end results. This is my first time working with a pattern that adds dimension and was not sure if blocking it would hurt the dimension aspect.

      Love the pattern, was easy to understand and the video tutorial was very helpful to guide through any questions.

      1. Marina King says:

        Blocking is totally a crocheter’s preference, I know some that don’t block any projects, others that block all of them. Personally I only block if it needs it if you feel it doesn’t need it I wouldn’t worry about it.

    6. Jackie Tiner says:

      Where can I get the actual pattern. Every time I click on link it brings me to this page where I don’t see the actual pattern,

      1. Mikey says:

        We are experiencing a temporary content missing issue. I have messaged into our service for help. – Michael

    7. Jacqueline M Payne says:

      Do you have a video for this motif?

      1. Yes, the tutorial accompanies the pattern. You may need to scroll down to see the video. -lj

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