Crochet Gift Poncho
The Gift Poncho
The Gift Poncho

Crochet The Gift Poncho

An easy to Crochet Gift Poncho that is just a few hours to make for yourself. This poncho is a rectangle unit that is strategically sewn to create the point. The point is only on one side. You can wear the poncho so the point is at the back, side or front. You can style it up any way you wish.

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The poncho, due to using two strands at one time can create a marled effect. For all sizes, 6 balls of Caron Simply Soft are required. It is marled, meaning two strands at one time. 3 of one colour, 3 of another. For visual interest, I used 3 balls of Caron Simply Soft Tweeds and 5 balls of Caron Simply Soft Ombre. Ombres are smaller ball sizes. I just needed a few inches of the 5th ball. You may need 6 balls of Ombre if you are doing the x-large size ahead.

My version turned out pretty awesome.

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The Gift Poncho Pattern


More Pictures of The Gift Poncho from Tutorial

Crochet Gift Poncho
Crochet Gift Poncho. Point to the back.


Crochet Gift Poncho
Crochet Gift Poncho. Point to the side.


Crochet Gift Poncho
Crochet Gift Poncho. Point to the front.

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15 thoughts on “Crochet The Gift Poncho Pattern

  1. I’m having trouble figuring out how the fold works. Do I lay the rectangle flat and then fold the right side for a triangle on the right and match the fold from the let to that? Thanks

  2. Is there a slower version of this? I’m doing fine, but would like to follow the scallop edge in slow mo, having a little trouble, thanks, Denise

  3. I love the look of this poncho. The diagonal stitch effect is so nice. I would love to try this in Bernat velvet. Does anyone know if using only one end of velvet would work with this pattern?

  4. Anyone else having the issue of the neck opening being too large? I’v of thee made two of these thus far, thought the first one (large) was the issue, but the second one was a small and despite stretching the short edge when slipstitching the piece together, it still falls right off my shoulders (and I do not have narrow shoulders). On my first one, I had to do several rows around the neck decreasing my stitches to close up the hole some, but lost that nice V at the neck. Just trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance!

    • I made the poncho with Lions Brand Feels like Butta. I followed the tutorial for the XL and it was way too small. I gave it to my 9 year old daughter who loved it! I really love the look of this poncho but I am very nervous to try it again. Could it have been my yarn?

    • Yes I cannot get the neckline right, it does not line up like Mikey showed in the video. I am so upset, I have spent a lot of time and money on this project and it is useless now since I have sewed the seam, and the yarn (charisma tweed in cream) makes it very hard to see the stitches of the join. I followed exactly thru the whole pattern, was to be a Christmas gift for my daughter.

  5. Hi Mikey,

    I can not figure out the first fold. You are too zoomed in on the edge to tell how the fold looks before we start sewing. Can you send a picture of the entire shawl once you do the first fold before you sew?

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