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Learn to Finger Crochet
Learn to Finger Crochet

Learn how to Finger Crochet

Finger crochet is pretty straight forward but it does take a bit of getting used to.

I remember at camp when tying up a boat to the dock. I would pull way extra loops through the rope just because I could. It’s like I was fiddly but also I just naturally want to do that because I love crochet and manipulate yarn in my hands all of the time.

Finger crochet has two elements that you need to watch for.

  1. Know how to identify your stitches.
  2. Keep your tension consistent.

I’m not one to say this very often, but I would definitely practice on a small sample to get used to doing it in your hands. Once you are satisfied, rip it out and begin the real project.

Let show you below on how to finger crochet and you can complete this project at your leisure.

Video Tutorial

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