You Are My Sunshine Crochet Afghan Pattern

You Are My Sunshine Afghan
You Are My Sunshine Afghan
You Are My Sunshine Afghan. Designed and photographed by Jody Pyott.

You are My Sunshine Afghan

Ripping through the crochet community right now is the You are My Sunshine Afghan by Jody Pyott. We have seen this happen with Jody’s designs before and another pattern of Crochet Horse Scarves.

For unexpected reasons, patterns like this come out of nowhere and the crochet community is rocked off its foundation for severe demand. It’s crazy fun when it happens.

Jody’s pattern is a paid pattern of a minimal $6. According to many crocheters, the pattern is easy to follow and well written. Our goal to write this article is to help down our helpdesk so people can find this pattern. You can click the BUY NOW button in the Ravelry Pattern Link that I have provided.

Usually 99% of what we offer is access to free patterns. We are asking that the crocheters please respect that this is a paid pattern and not to share it with each other. The designer has put a lot of time and thought into the creation and $5 is really small.

Keep in mind, The Crochet Crowd is a free pattern and tutorial resource for crocheters to learn how to crochet. We don’t offer services to make this afghan or connect buyers to crocheters for those who want one that is pre-made. The Crochet Crowd is not to be involved with making these connections for legal liability reasons.

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You Are My Sunshine Afghan Pattern

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  1. Pat

    Love your site. I have all the panels crocheted, but i need a picture of the lay out. Can you provide one. One did not come with the pattern

  2. Victoria

    How many balls of yarn do you need for this?

  3. Kathleen Burke

    I have tried to buy “You are my sunshine crochet afghan” several times but with no success. I was just wondering if there is a problem and can I buy it somewhere else besides Ravelry.

  4. Carol Metzdorf

    I am just using the graphs, very easy to follow

  5. frances frede

    the instructions are very confusing there is a difference in the counts on each row and the graphs and the directions do not match up

    • Irma stevens

      I feel the same. I am having a very difficult time with the stitch count on each row.

      • Elena Wilson

        I too have the same problem. Finally gave up on it, as I’m not experienced enough to know where the pattern was off. (Easily c that it is). A friend said 2 st. Counted wrong n pattern

    • Jennifer Heck

      I agree the instruction are very confusing and none of the popcorn stitches align properly!

      • Mikey

        Jennifer, should I remove the link down. It seems like so many people have completed this pattern. I can delete it from our archives if you find it misleading. Please let me know. I’m happy to do so if you feel it’s warranted.

  6. Heather W.

    I bought the pattern and I am considering using a variegated yarn for one of the colors. Has anyone tried that? How did it turn out?

  7. Kate Rose

    I have these patterns & am having a very difficult time with the count coming out correctly at the beginning & end of the rows. Any chance there would be a tutorial made? Please??

    • Mikey will not be able to do a tutorial of this pattern as it is a paid pattern and what would violate the copyright on it. ~ Jeanne

    • Miranda

      Is this blanket made in one piece or it is sewn together?

    • Janet Jackson

      I am having the same issues with this pattern. I have been crocheting 40 years and rarely have a pattern I cannot use. I am frustrated with this one, the directions are terrible.

  8. Heather

    Do you know how much yarn this pattern uses?

  9. stephanie

    I would like to thank you for sharing this, I did purchase the patterna and I cannot wait to start it once I figure out what colours I would like to do it in πŸ™‚ such a beautiful blanket so once again thank you for sharing this womans pattern on your site so that I could find it πŸ™‚

  10. Robin Allshouse

    Can I place an order for a ” you are my sunshine ” afghan? If so please tell me how to pay and I will gladly pre pay..

  11. Barbara Davis

    I love all your crochet stuff .i taught myself how to crochet my step Aunt gave me a roll of yarn and a crochet hook .I donate to a hospital .i love this Facebook .Barbara Davis I was donate to the hospital on the photo I put on Facebook

    Thanks Barbara Davis

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