Twisted Stockinette Pattern

Twisted Stocknette Stitch
Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Twisted Stockinette Stitch
Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Twisted Stockinette Stitch

Twisted Stockinette with Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn

The loops when they are intentionally twisted 180 degrees with Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn, you can create this unique look. From a distance, it gives the illusion of a stitch that appears braided in the vertical direction.

I accidentally did this stitch with misreading instructions, but my error ended up showing a really unique look that I loved.

The trick to Bernat Alize Blanket EZ, you are the creator and I encourage you to try different ideas.

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Where to Find Bernat Alize Blanket EZ

Bernat Alize Blanket EZ is available at all participating JOANN Fabrics & Crafts stores across the USA. This yarn will be available on Keep in mind, that JOANN only ships to the United States. Click here to Find A Store Near You. See JOANN’s website for more information on store hours and terms of service for online ordering and shipping.

JOANN Fabrics & Crafts, #handmadewithjoann
JOANN Fabrics & Crafts, #handmadewithjoann


Bernat Alize Blanket EZ
Bernat Alize Blanket EZ

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  1. Samantha

    I would love to know how to make this blanket. I’ve seen a video for the twisted garter stitch but how do I continue to make this blanket? Sorry the video is not working.

    • Mikey

      I’ll check the video. I don’t think it’s set to private and is playing.

  2. Chris Calzado

    Just want to know how do you finish the edges of the blanket? Also how much roll of Bernat Alize would I need for a throw blanket using the twist stockinette stitch you showed? So Sorry. I’d like to try this but has no clue with yarns at all. I love it. I’m excited to give it a try. Thank you.

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