Crochet Peppermint Christmas Afghan Pattern

Crochet Peppermint Afghan
Crochet Peppermint Afghan
Crochet Peppermint Afghan

Crochet Peppermint Christmas Afghan

When I saw the Crochet Peppermint Afghan for the first time in summer 2014, I was floored. Designed by Bendy Carter, this afghan is so incredible that it inspired me beyond belief. I knew instantly this is an afghan a crocheter could fall in love with.

The looks are a bit deceiving as you may think you just need to make 42 large motifs and be done with it. While all motifs are the same from rounds 1 – 11, the final round is different. Motifs have been assigned a number between 1 – 6. The edging is changed so the spirals can appear to be twisting instead of just all 42 motifs being the same. However, if you were to do all 42 motifs the same edging, I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.

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Due to the complexity of the layers and the 6 different edges, I felt it appropriate to make a workbook. I have provided a link to it below. You are welcome to save it, download it and or print it.

We also have a gallery of afghans completed by Crochet Crowd Community Members. You can see what colour combinations they came up with here. Visit the Peppermint Photo Gallery.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Peppermint Afghan

Mikey’s Notes Workbook

I was super inspired by this afghan that I took a lot of time to examine the pattern and make working notes as there are 6 different motifs. This is the free download for the Mikey’s Peppermint Working Notes Booklet.

Mikeys Peppermint Afghan Working Notes
Mikeys Peppermint Afghan Working Notes. Click this book cover to download.


Pillow Version

We have also the Pillow Pattern in video format. Refer to this Crochet Pillow Pattern Article about changing the sizing if you wish a 12″, 14″ or 16″ pillow. The pattern is written as a 16″ pillow.

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  1. RamyaKarthik

    Hi…What is the hook size used for this blanket?.
    How much yarn needed to make this?
    Please let me know..
    Am excited to start this lovely Blanket..

    • Mikey

      There is a link to the free pattern for this blanket in this article. It will answer all of your questions.

  2. Frances

    Thank you, Mikey! I learn so much from your tutorials. I just finished my peppermint blanket. I was coasting along and had already attached several mints together before discovering that the last mint I attached had 18 swirls instead of 16. I made a new mint and replaced it. Thanks for being my inspiration.

    • Mikey

      Congrats for finishing! That’s a lot of work but a blanket you will enjoy for years.

  3. Larisa wong

    Hi, can you show me how to lay 42 motif together please

    • Mikey

      There is a diagram provided in the pattern for the layout of the motifs. 🙂


    Love , love

    • Heidi McGowan

      How much yarn was used to make this blanket?

      • Mikey

        I just crocheted the pillow last month. That uses 1 ball of each of the white and red. The remaining left over is in the blanket.

        RED HEART® Soft®: 10 balls 4600
        White A and 6 balls 9925 Really
        Red B

        So 9 balls of White, and 5 balls of Red.

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