Crochet Braids Scarf Cowl Pattern

Crochet Braids Cowl
Crochet Braids Cowl
Crochet Braids Cowl. Picture from Karen Valladares’ pattern. Credit is given on the photo.

Crochet Braids Cowl

Currently in a strong trend is the Braids Crochet Cowl. I believe in The Crochet Crowd, Jonah, our strongest youngest crocheter showed himself with his mom, Jen. Since then, this cowl has taken off for trending.

The pattern isn’t free but the tutorial is. You can buy the pattern at Crochet Braids Cowl.

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Designed by Karen Valladares and the pattern is purchasable through her. She is also the host of the free tutorial below.

This is a courtesy posting as many are requesting more information and links to this pattern. The Crochet Crowd is not affiliated or receiving any compensation for this posting or to the sales of this pattern. 


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  1. Janet Kingdon

    So sad that the pattern isn’t available anymore. But could you tell me how much yarn is needed for the crowd braids cowl please?

  2. Stephanie A

    I’m wanting to purchase the pattern but it’s telling me it’s sold out. How can I go about purchasing it?

    Thank you

  3. Mary

    Cowl Braids Scarf does this pattern work up the same if you crochet left handed?

    • It’s symmetrical, so it would look exactly the same.

    • Diana

      The designer of this pattern just did a left handed one on her site in you tube.

    • Nancy

      if you go to the Etsy site and click on the patterns in the upper right hand side it will take you to her store and you will be able to purchase it. Just an fyi

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