Crochet Reusable Duster Pattern

Crochet Reusable Duster Pattern

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Crochet Duster Cover

Crochet Duster Cover

Crochet Re-Useable Duster Cover

In cleaning, I prefer not to use disposable products when I can make the re-usable items. The Crochet Duster Cover doesn’t use much Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn. I can toss it into the washer with my dish rags when doing laundry for my next cleaning session.

The re-usable dusters are also a fairly popular craft show item, where people are tenting to be a lot more waste-conscious.

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Crochet Duster Cover Pattern

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This project doesn’t take long to make and you can make several. The way it’s designed, you can slide it off the duster turn it inside out to continue cleaning.

So if you prefer re-usable cleaning products like this or dishcloths, this may be up your alley.


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  3. MARCIA says:

    Thank you for your hints and wonderful patterns. It would be nice to be able to print a pattern off for later use, especially for those who crochet quickly or for short periods of time. Written patterns help hearing impaired too. I take my projects to doctors appointments.

    1. If you click the pink “Get Pattern” button, it takes you to a printable PDF.

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