Yarn Placement Tips
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Yarn Placement Tips
Yarn Placement Tips

Yarn Placement Tips

Yarn placement is a really important key tip for ease and speed of knitting. If you are already a crocheter, you have to think opposite to where your yarn should rest when feeding into your hand.

Most people knit or crochet with their dominant hand. There are a few people who are ambidextrous, meaning, they can use both hands as dominant hands.

Crocheting or Knitting Opposites

There are many people who crochet or knit opposite to their dominant hand. For example, they may be right handed normally but will crochet or knit left handed. Vice versa for lefties to crochet or knit right handed. This tends to happen for a couple reasons:

  • They may have picked up the needles and been more comfortable that is opposite of their norm.
  • They may have learned from someone who was dominant in the opposite hand than what they were and they picked up the skills.

Many try to get new crocheters, speaking from experience, to get them to crochet the way they do. They may attempt to teach a left handed crocheter right handed methods and the left handed person is struggling and may be ultra frustrated. If you have people like that in your life, be sensitive to their dominant hand and try to teach them the way they would be more comfortable. While a much smaller demographic of people are left handed, we do have a Left Hand Crochet Channel dedicated to lefties.

Even for me, though it is a camera trick to make me appear left handed, when I see a left handed tutorial, I cannot wrap my brain around it. Meanwhile, lefties can follow just fine.

Just know, not everyone can adapt to learning the opposite dominant hand. Patterns don’t change as a result to being left handed, you follow them as normal and complete the skill as indicated. Some people make assumptions patterns are only right handed, that is a myth.

Where to Place Your Feeding Ball

When sitting and knitting, consider the hand that is feeding the yarn onto the needle. You are to keep the yarn on the side of your body that is feeding the yarn. Unlike Crochet where a right hand crocheter has the yarn feeding from the left hand. In knitting, the right hander will have the yarn feeding from the same hand that is doing most of the work.

Position the ball straight out towards you. Then move the ball in a radius towards the same side. You will find where the ball will sit and feed into your hand without worry of the yarn having tension or falling out of your hands.

Once you find this position, you will relax more and knitting will become easier.


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