Meet Mikey and Diva Dan’s New Family Member

Mikey and Diva Dans Dog
Mikey and Diva Dans Dog
Mikey and Diva Dans Dog

Mikey and Diva Dan’s First Moments

Meet our dog with currently no name. We are waiting for the personality to tell us what her name should be. She’s one of 9 puppies. Daniel has been dying for a dog. Part of our move to Nova Scotia was the ability to have a dog and some other farm creatures on the grounds. So this is part one, GULP. I fear ducks are most likely next.

Her parents were a partial rescue situation where they had an owner that has aged to the point where he couldn’t take care of them as they deserved. So the new owner agreed to take the pair to have on their hobby farm. Unknown, the mother was pregnant. The new owner of the dogs is not a breeder.

Last Moments with Mom
Last Moments with Mom

She would come to have 9 puppies. The video shows the mother’s last moments with our new family member. Daniel walked with our new member to the front of the lot as mom looked on. I caught the last moments and watched off-camera. I was heartbroken for her in every way. It was dust in the air, I swear that was making my eyes water for her.

We quietly promised her mom we would treat her well. I told her that I wasn’t much of a dog guy but I would try. Our cats were a little put-out. They are still in adjustment mode. This puppy doesn’t react to them or have the need to let them know who is boss. She’s so incredibly calm.

I put together our first day with this puppy. A name will come when it suddenly hits us. If you want to suggest a name or two, let me know in the blog comments. At this moment, I’m open to suggestions.

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Our First Moments – Music Montage

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  1. Michele Tebbetts

    I had a bumper sticker on my car until it faded away. It simply stated MEAN PEOPLE SUCK. if someone handcrafts something with love it is beautiful. It is not ugly it is different.

  2. Laura

    My dogs have always been named for their best traits/personality, so I get wanting to wait. Your fluffy, adorable puppy seems to have proven to be calm and gentle, so how about naming her Caron? Caron is a Welsh girls name meaning kindhearted or gentle. Plus it fitting from a yarn perspective! Just a thought.

  3. Jana

    I like Bjork, because she looks like a beautiful white swan

    • Lilli Boettcher

      I love the way she is loving on you so call her Lovey

  4. Henrietta Pinedo

    She is adorable how about Snowflake for her name? She is a beautiful dog and looks like to give you plenty of Love too. Enjoy your sweet girl.

  5. Sara

    Oh, she is so sweet! I love small dogs and I would have a hard time at the beginning adjusting to a big dog. Dogs love you back so much more than you can imagine! Dan looks so in love! A name is a tuff one. We had a Roland who we called Rollie because he was so round and fluffy when we got him. Also a fun yarn name would be neat, but picking a name that fits is cool. Only suggestions. Stitch or Woolly? Have fun with the new baby, and making her part of the family!!

  6. Lori Hadley

    She is a gorgeous puppy, she looks like a “Snowball” to me but I am partial to that name as I had a female cat that was pure white and that is what I named her!!! Big and fluffy just like a big snowball.

  7. Leslie Lewis

    Pyr’s are wonderful, good natured dogs! She’s a fabulous addition to your family and she’s gonna steal your heart!! They’re calm, affectionate, loyal and protective.
    I’ve got a half lab, half Pyr named Juno. My son says we should have named her Wriggley because she’s so wiggley! I’ll post a pic of me and my June on the Facebook page so you can see how big they can get! 110# of pure love!
    My dad had a GP years ago named Sugar and it fit her to a T!!

  8. Debra Austin

    Cotton! I think that should be her name 💗

  9. Janie Bennett

    Sweet Pea or Yuki (japanese for snow)

  10. Wamphyr

    Such a beautiful angel, I hope you find a name for your adorable fur-baby soon. She looks so soft and fluffy, she reminds me of a marshmallow

  11. Lorri Johnson

    call her Lovey. She will give you both so much love

  12. Tineybug

    She is so cute she looks like a Dixie to me or maybe Daisy. She is so lucky to have so many fur friends at home and so much space to roam around.

  13. Crystal

    Congrats on the new baby girl. She is beautiful.

  14. Samantha

    Dixie! It goes well with both Mikey and Dan!
    Kind of a mixture between the two!

  15. Darlene Satkewich

    She is absolutely adorable and has the sweetest face! She has found the perfect home and will be so happy there. Can’t wait to hear baby girl’s name.

  16. Donna Skoll

    Congratulations on your new addition. I have 2 dogs… a lab mix named lumpy (8 yrs old) and Great Dane/English Mastiff, Machula (ma cosh la) which is Celtic for my darling at 1 1/2.
    She will let you know what her name is. The minute you say it she will perk up her head.

  17. Barbara

    Curly Sue? She’s got a Shirley Temple thing going on.

    • Tamara

      Oh, my heart!!! Congrats to you both on this wonderful little bundle of lurve!! 💗 She will bring so much joy and laughter to the household!! (feel like she could be a Lola or a Sadie 😊, but whatever you guys choose will fabulous and fitting no doubt!) Enjoy!!

  18. Jeannette

    First name I thought was –
    She has those “bed room eyes”.
    ( looks like she is about to fall asleep)

  19. Pam B

    Ashley, Daphne, Phoebe, Elsa, Goldie, Cutie, Precious, Sweetie 🙂 we had a chow/golden we’d named Daphne. It was almost Phoebe, but there was some fate to make her Daffers… 😉 Enjoy your babeeeeee!

    • Patty

      Dan looks so happy!!!! She looks like one of the dogs that guard sheep in the mountains around here. Beautiful soul shining from those eyes. I am sure whatever you name her will be perfect!

  20. Ruthie

    I thought Bella would be appropriate as she is so beautiful x but you will choose the right name for her.

  21. Rose

    She is Beautiful!!! First name I thought of was Diva of course LOL but, Nova would be a good name as well. Jolie, and Cherie are also good choices. Whatever y’all choose we just know that she will be loved. Thank you for choosing a rescue.

  22. Kalina

    How about Snowball?

    • Cathrin

      Thats the name i thought off snow!!

  23. Alice J Weckman

    She is beautiful!!! I like the name Danie For Dan and Mikey because it fits for both of you and she just looks like a Danie to me. Congratulations on your new furbaby!!! Ours is 3 years old and a blessing. Her name is Frankie and my husband John is her human!!

  24. Kelly Willis

    How about Lady or Baby? She is beautiful!

  25. Terry

    She is definitely a Floofer!!

  26. Denise

    She’s beautiful!! How about naming her Chet, as in crochet!!?

  27. Cynthia S Shaffer

    Oh my gosh she is beautiful!!! I love the suggestion of Stay for a name. It is cute sweet & part of your world. Whatever you decide will be wonderful. Btw Mikey she loves you already & Diva Dan it was a given with you. ❤❤😊

  28. Gracie Vega

    Congratulations she is adorable, how about “Nina”. Thanks for all your easy patterns, I have learn alot from you.

    • Paula Battistelli

      Hmmmm. You say that she’s wonderfully calm so how about a name like Grace or Gracie for short?

  29. Bev mcdevitt

    She looks like a Charlie to me. Enjoy her

    • Catherine Pittman

      She is so beautiful ,, call her babydoll : 🙂 ♡

      • Sue

        Awe she’s beautiful! The first name that came to mind was Nana, from Peter Pan. 💜

  30. Gail

    Love the new Dog. What kind is it? Looks a lot like my brother’s dog. Such a cutie

  31. Celestine Dunlop

    She looks like a Belle

  32. Kayce

    With a SnowWhite pup as beatiful as she is her name was meant to be CYBER, thank me later lol

  33. cindy terry

    Congratulations on your new baby, she is absolutely gorgeous. I teared up at your video it’s sad to see her leave her mama and so happy that she has such a loving home to go to. You will pick the right name you will know it when you see her and say it. Please keep sharing pictures of this lovely girl with us.

  34. Jen

    She is precious. I like Shay from cro”shay” or Stitch. Enjoy every minute with your fur baby.

  35. Kathleen Fischer

    I would name her Nova.

  36. Beth Hasilo

    What a touching video especially when Mamma was saying goodbye to her Baby. You could call her ‘Danikey’ (for Dan & Mikey) or Mikedan (for Mikey & Dan). No matter what you choose, she has found a wonderful loving home! ❤❤

  37. Beth Hasilo

    What a beautiful video & ‘Momma saying goodbye’ to her baby was so touching. You could call her ‘Danikey’ or ‘Mikan’ (for Dan & Mikey / Mikey & Dan). I’m certain she has found a wonderful home whatever you decide to name her. ❤

  38. Sheri

    Looks like my puppy did 4 months ago now he’s 45 lbs and has turned golden colouring. Mine is a pyrador (pyrenees x lab). She is gorgeous the right name will pop at you.

  39. Dawn

    A perfect name…..Cloud!

  40. Beth

    So adorable! I did tear up when the mom was saying goodbye ! Best of luck with your new family member !!

  41. I think she is a Maremma/Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog – they are AWESOME! They have a SWEETEST disposition, so gentle! OH! You are so lucky! I really want one! If you want to see another Maremma, the folks who film the Gold Shaw Farm YouTube videos (they have a farm in Northern Vermont, USA) have one named Toby dog and OMG – I am in love with him! Congratulations you two! Enjoy her! Give her a big hug from this fan (of both of you and of dogs in general).

  42. Margaret

    How about covid….or corona after all this the season. Enjoy your new pal.

  43. Sherry Rafn

    Hi Mikey and Dan, Congratulations on the new family member. Enjoyed all the pictures. How about naming her Lamb Chop like the stuffier in her bed? You could shorten it to Lambie when calling her. Just so sweet. Puppy days will be long, balls of yarn hard to resist chewing, favorite wooden hooks left out is a big no-no, but time goes so quickly. I lost my sweet Lucy in December and looking for another one to grab my heart. God’s blessings to your increasing farm. Ducks or goats next. Lol

  44. lourdes

    I like Bianca…is Italian and means white.

  45. Jen

    So sweet!
    For her name maybe Stitch or Shay for cro”Shay”
    Just a thought💜
    Have so much fun and enjoy.

  46. Peggy

    My first thought was , Wooly what a sweet ball of fluff. But then I saw a couple comment before me and suggested Diva. That is just perfect. Enjoy your dog.

  47. Bronwyn. Means “white “ in Welch.

    I am so glad to see a dog added to your family! You will be so pleased with her. Well-as soon as you get through the puppy stage-that might try you patience!

  48. Please consider Mida, a blend of MIke and DAn.
    Enjoy her, shes beautiful

  49. Deborah

    She is sweet. Call her Snow or Snowball

  50. Dawn

    Omg she’s absolutely gorgeous. Dogs are so much fun.

  51. Kat Wilkie

    I cannot imagine being there when the babies are taken away, that would be so heartbreaking! She sure is cute little girl! She reminded me of my lovely Aunt Myra’s dog, her name was Precious and she certainly was! Good luck with your knew addition to the family!

  52. Jeryl

    Just think, Mikey you can make more puppy dog stuff!
    I like Diva as well…fits perfectly!

  53. Linda Holly

    I teared up at the goodbye pictures., too. Maybe a playdate, when she is grown. The name Aubrey, popped into my head. Brey (rhymes with key) for short. What a beauty she is!

  54. Paula

    Lyra from the Golden Compass….. she looks magical!

  55. Denise

    Oh such a heartfelt video. Enjoy all the love and cuddles you three will share. I hope the cats come around! How about Nova.

  56. Denise

    Oh such a heartfelt video. Enjoy all the love and cuddles you three will share. I hope the cats come around! How about Nova.

  57. Ronda

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Name that beauty Pearl!

  58. Ashley Robinson

    Awww what a precious baby…I think Hope or Willow would be good name choices 🙂

  59. Debbie Ariza

    Think of a name that you can call her when you want her to come to you. No more than two syllables is probably best. She is a beauty and such a sweet face.

  60. Lee

    Your video made me tear up. That shot when mom and baby are saying goodbye, no words. Daniel looked so happy. You will be fine. She’s gorgeous.

  61. Susan

    Beautiful puppy. Enjoy. I think her name should be Serenity or Halcyon. She is very calm and sweet.

    • Rhonda

      Beautiful puppy 💖
      Snowball? Sophie (which means wisdom)
      Lucabella means beautiful light
      Enjoy! The kitties will fall in love with her. Mine did with my Lab/Shepherd mix and now my Shih Tzu

  62. Sarah

    What a sweet little girl! Congrats on your new addition. Two names that come to mind are Sadie or Chloe. Enjoy every minute of that sweet baby 🙂

  63. Laura Sapp

    Treble is a good name after a crochet stitch and because you thought the new puppy might be ‘trouble’. However, Looks sweet and not any trouble (treble) at all.

  64. Robin Temples

    I would name her Joy because of the Joy on Dans face.

  65. April Kendrick

    When I saw Lamb Chop at the beginning of this video, the 1st thing I thought was, you should name your doggy Lamb Chop 😊
    And she is a hearding and guarding dog of sheep!
    Sheri Lewis was the creator of Lamb Chop, and she was a real hoot! And Lamb Chop was so cute and sweet, but so spunky and spry. I loved her growing up as a kid 😊

  66. Barbara J Goulding

    Her name is Joy because that is what she sparks in you!

  67. Terry Rang

    The name will come to you. When I adopted my two cats, Oliver and Flynn, I tried for weeks to come up with new names instead of their shelter names. I had a very long list. In the end , I realized the shelter had given them perfect names That fit their personalities. Best of luck. I can’t wait to see what you name her.

  68. Rachel Gaede

    She’s so adorable and looks like a Hope to me. Daniel has always “Hoped “ for the day he could have a dog. Congratulations to you both on your new family member.

  69. Amanda

    Magic, because of the magic she will bring to you.

  70. Cathy Freebairn

    I see one proud daddy there, and another one developing! My choice of names. #! Lady. When she gets older I thinks she’s going to be one grand Lady! As a pup Little Lady. #2 Angel. Or Angela. Just because she’s a pretty as an angel. <3 Whatever you name her, I'm sure she's going to bring so much happiness into your home and lives.

  71. Joanne

    I like “Duck” for the name

  72. Marilyn Kroes

    A boy(s) and his dog 😉
    Name to ponder … Walker ( for Walkerton )

  73. Patricia Wright

    She looks like “Love” to me. It already shows in her eyes and I guarantee she will be her name in every essence of her being. And just think how many times a day you can call Love to you! Congratulations. I am so happy for all of you.

  74. Lori Autumn Ashe

    She is beautiful. She will give you many years of unconditional love and dedication. She looks like a ‘Millie’ to me.
    *Millie as a name for girls is of Latin, Greek, Old English and Old French derivation, and Millie means “rival, eager work; helper to the priest; bee; honey; gentle strength; brave strength”. Millie is a version of Amelia (Latin, Old German). Millie is also a form of Camilla (Latin).*

  75. Mona

    She’s gorgeous! She will AJ e an amazing life with you guys. I can’t wait to hear her name. You’ll come up with some thing fantastic. We always name our pets actual people names and then give them an opposite middle name of their gender which is just something funky we do. Our Frenchy is Victoria Drake and our Boston terrier is Penny Sheldon. 🥰

  76. Lindsay A.

    When i saw her, I immediately thought of the name Kiki. Shes adorable though, makes me want a puppy again despite having two kids and finally having time to crochet/organize the yarn stash. Congrats!

  77. Karen R STRACHAN

    Diva Dan looks smitten from the get go. You two will make awesome dog parents. I have had cats and love them but right now I am a 71yo mom to 3 pups (a 15yo shiz tzu named Oreo, a 9yo mini chi/mini yorkie mix rescue who is 4.5 pounds of sass, and a regular size chi/yorkie mix 2 years oldwho was caretaker to my husband before he passed away while fighting cancer.) Dogs are the best

  78. Colette L Molumby

    As I watched the video the name that name to me was Zephyr. it means gentle breeze, she seems gentle and it sounds like mom is gentle as well so, Zephyr.

  79. Terry Kane

    And just like that, she’s in your heart! And you in hers, by the way she is snuggling you. Good luck and enjoy!

  80. Kristy

    I have several
    1) cally ( kind of a play on crochet along)
    2) Snow
    3)Miss Kitty
    4) Bella
    5)Ami ( pronounced Amy but a play on amigurumi)

  81. Jane watson

    Beautiful puppy Mali or Maisie maybe?

  82. Vivian

    Welcome to the family, little ball of fur!
    It is amazing how puppies bring so much joy to our lifes!
    I like Milka (Girl – if you want a middle name too) or Milky Way. Also Blossom and Nova as others said. My first thought was Hope, but it sounds too much as No and would not help with the trainning.

  83. Renée

    She looks like Lily to me. That one side profile photo was precious! You are going to fall so hard for this beauty!

  84. Susan Snider

    I like the name Stella. She is adorable!

    • Lisa

      I just loved the video,I think Harley has her forever home, I wish you both and your fur babies the best love ever.

  85. Martha Bresnahan

    I think she has already changed you Mikey! That look on your face is great! She is beautiful!

  86. Melissa

    Scotia has always been on my list. Anything will be lovely. When we adopted our pup, we made his middle name the town he was born in, as a reminder of his roots.

  87. Katharine J Griffith

    My best comment for you is to get a bell and hang it by the 1 (one) door that you take her out to do her business. You ring that bell every single time you take her out and I swear to you that one day she will ring it and make sure you come running to take her out. Make sure you hang it down low to where she can swing her paw, I promise you ours has never had an accident in the house and she is 10 yrs old this month.

  88. Patti Parnell

    Diva Dan looks so incredible happy with the puppy. That alone makes it worth it. Teach the puppy to submit to being brushed. You can then use said hair and spin your own yarn (kidding but maybe not kidding). Maybe you can name the puppy after one of the stages wool goes through on its way to becoming yarn.

  89. Ginger

    That pup is going to become such a part of your family you’ll wonder how you were ever ok without her. Mom looks part Golden?

    The joy on Dan’s face is obviously bubbling up from deep inside…will make all the nuisance of puppy training and dog hair cleaning well worth the trouble.


  90. Char

    Adorable. That goodbye definitely a tear jerker. Mikey may as well admit it yer a dog guy now. Your in for years of unconditional love.

  91. Nancy Elliott

    OMG, the smile on Daniel’s face says it all! She is absolutely adorable. congrats to the new puppy parents, oh the adventures you’re all gonna have.

  92. Sharon Bosworth

    What a cute pup! Reminds me of my grandpup. Her name is Rosie ❤️ Sweet name for a sweet puppy. Enjoy her!

    • Devorah

      She look light a snow ball, she is so white Pretty

      • Kimberly

        Daniel looked so happy. The picture of mama looking into Daniel’s eyes, that made me tear up. Mickey looked so calm holding on to her. She is beautiful and very blessed to be part of your family. Congrats!

      • Michelle

        She is lovely pyrnees are such gentle animals. To me she looks like a Mika (me-ka)

  93. Judy

    She should be named Maryln as in Maryln Monroe.She was always in white and so is your fur baby

  94. Robyn

    I’ve had a maremma dog in the past. Relation to the Pyrenees. She’s gorgeous. How about the name Faith, for the leap of faith you both took moving to Nova Scotia and creating the awesome crochet crowd site. You two rock. Thanks for teaching me how to crochet and all the lessons and inspiration that has followed. Enjoy your new puppy.

  95. Regina

    There’s definitely dust in the air!! 😉😊 I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!! She’s beautiful! I know Diva Dan has wanted a dog for so long! I bought my Lucy to one of your tent sales in Washington, NC and he was loving all over her! 😊💜💜

  96. Barbara Timberlake

    I’m so happy for you both! When I looked at her the name Evie popped into my mind.

    • Cathy

      Molly, that is what I see.

  97. Jeannie Green

    Oh my gosh. So sweet. There must be dust here, too. Maybe Dusty? She looks like cotton. That would also be a sweet name. Good luck with that sweet puppy. We have two rescue dogs named Minion and Rupert (already named when they came to us) that are the best part of our family now. Kids are grown but some are still home. They keep us active here in Fairborn, Ohio.

  98. Vera Harmon

    How do I signed up for for the fun?

  99. Joan Burke

    My dog is named Heidi. She is a rescue full mutt. She has brought joy into our life and is a full member of our family. I wish your pup a full life!

  100. Iris White

    name should be Honey

  101. Susan Olendzenski

    I think Casper like the friendly ghost.

    • Lynda Davidson

      My thoughts too

  102. Karen Rivera

    Congratulations!!! I was teary eyed watching Dan hold her!! How about Caroline!! Then you can say….”Sweet Caroline”!!! Lol!! Whatever you choose will be fantastic!! Snowball?? Polar Bear??? Bear??

  103. Sandra Osborne

    Princess Mia….Mia for short

    • Miriam

      Snowball would be a great name.

  104. Carla

    She is adorable and seems like a gentle soul.

  105. Lina Tasca

    Your gorgeous little puppy looks like a ‘Contessa’!

    • Dawn Mitchell

      My first Great Pyrenees puppy didn’t have a name when we got her. She was always calm and laid back, but we just couldn’t think of a name for her. She really liked it outside and never wanted to come in. So one day I had to go pick her up to bring her inside and that is when her name came to me Snuffalufugus. Like the one on sesame street. We called her Snuffy or Snuff for short. She was the mist amazing GP I ever had. You could call yours that name, but I’m sure her name will come to you. They are amazing dogs.

  106. Jacqui

    Puppy is adorable. She definitely has the best parents ever! You both look so happy!
    She definitely looks like a Maggie May!

  107. Rose Cassidy

    Nova. Someone else had mentioned Nova because of Nova Scotia

  108. Betsy Thompson

    Dive Dan looks so incredibly happy! Mikey, this beautiful creature is going to steal your heart in no time. And you were right, the last moments with her mom made me tear up. But her baby is with amazing people who will love her forever. Congratulations on the new member of your family!

  109. Lisa

    She’s beautiful!!! I love fluffy puppies!!! She looks like a giant cotton ball…so how about “Cotton” for her name.? Awww poor mom….your heart breaks for her but they understand.

  110. Love your new fur baby. When I saw her, the name “Bella” popped into my head… She’s a cutie.

    • Nancy

      Could name her ANNIE as little orphan.
      She is just beautiful.
      Best of luck with her, give her lots of love and toys.

  111. Kim Kerstetter

    Sorry my email was wrong. Corrected below

  112. Kim Kerstetter

    Hi! Michael she is already stealing your heart ! How about the name Elita, French name for the chosen one.

      • jayne maxwell

        She is stunning i think Maddie xx

      • Connie D Pruitt

        Angel like a snow angel or Spirit because she has the calm spirit of an angel. She is super beautiful! What breed is she? She’s definitely going to have an incredible home!

  113. Susan Rhoad


    • Cynthia S

      How about Ellie?

      You will find that dogs offer unconditional love, and you’ll never regret taking her in. I recommend you check out some dog training classes, or even do a few things at home, to make sure that she’s your perfect housemate! I adopted a rescue this past February, and I don’t know what I did without her!
      Congratulations! You deserve the best, Mikey, because you are the best! I don’t comment much, but I have followed you for over 3 years, and have learned so much from you! Thank you!

    • Kay McKean

      Angel or Angelique

  114. Charlette

    Lula is the name that comes to me when I see her ❤️

    Best of luck with her!

  115. Nadine Z

    Congratulations!! Dog ownership is the best! That unconditional love always when you need it most, can’t beat it! Priscilla suits her, you could call her Prissy for short! She’s absolutely precious and perfect!!

  116. Peggy Gay

    Get the ducks now so they grow up together.

  117. Shannon

    I don’t have a name suggestion for you, but I do strongly suggest pet insurance!

  118. Jennell W.

    She’s beautiful. I’m thinking you should name her Nugget, as she is a treasure now in your lives. Happy times and Happy crocheting from ☀️ Florida!

  119. Nancy Dickey

    What a beautiful puppy.
    She will grow into her needs to be very regal, as she looks like royalty.

    Queenie is very appropriate, as she has already taken over your hearts.

    Whatever you name her will be very fitting.

    Enjoy her!!

    • She’s beautiful, one look and I thought of Gracie.

  120. Sue Robertson

    Good morning Michael and Daniel. What a sweet new addition to your family. Michael, I also am not a huge dog person but when my husband lost his best friend and constant companion a few years ago I saw what an immense hole it left in his life. We recently welcomed our new pup…and somehow I have become completed besotted with him. Your video warmed my heart and I immediated thought she looked like a Sadie. I loooked up the meaning and have copied it below. Thanks for sharing.
    SADIE – Dogs named Sadie are often kind and sweet dogs. … People that meet dogs named Sadie often say “What a Sweet Dog”. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Princess

  121. Linda

    Congratulations on your fur baby ! She seems to like you a lot ! I think Grace would be a great name for her . But the right name will come to you soon !

  122. Judie

    Not sure why, but Dahlia came to mind as a name for your beautiful pup! Congrats Mike and Dan!

  123. Mary

    Dan loves her already! Thank you for sharing!

  124. Barbara A Pelzer

    how about precious? thats what she is!! never seen Dan happier, brought tears to my eyes!! good luck and may she bring you both joy and happiness

  125. Kathleen

    Lilly, Winnie or Casey — seems like any of those names may fit her! ❤❤

  126. Galinda

    Angel, because she is so pure and beautiful

    • Debra Casto

      That’s what I thought!

    • Kelly Willis

      How about Lady or Baby? She is beautiful!

  127. Lori Palmieri

    I think it’s obvious… Diva!

  128. Jodi

    Thank you I needed this beautiful post today.

    I think she’s a Daisy, a beautiful wildflower.

    • Patsy LeBlanc

      How about Plush.

    • Patsy LeBlanc

      Plush, Millie, Lady, Lulu, Dolly

  129. Lynne

    Ohhh I would call her slip stitch

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