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Wavy Long Wristers

The Wavy Long Wristers are surprisingly simple. They are not just a tube where the yarn is stretching around your wrist and arm, in fact, the entire wrister is contoured.

The wrister starts from the finger area and works it’s way back to the elbow. You are essentially creating V-Stitches that are sitting inside each other.

Even better, there is no cutting of yarn between colour changes, the yarn is being carried on the inside of the wrister.

If you are going to substitute your yarn, you need to ensure to used Chunky Weight 5 Yarns. This project is using Red Heart’s Heads Up Yarn. You only need 2 balls, 1 of each colour and you can do 1 pair of wristers.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Wavy Long Wristers.

Video Tutorials (Right & Left Hand)