Crochet Wavy Long Wristers Pattern

Wavy Long Wristers

Wavy Long Wristers

The Wavy Long Wristers are surprisingly simple. They are not just a tube where the yarn is stretching around your wrist and arm, in fact, the entire wrister is contoured.

The wrister starts from the finger area and works it’s way back to the elbow. You are essentially creating V-Stitches that are sitting inside each other.

Even better, there is no cutting of yarn between colour changes, the yarn is being carried on the inside of the wrister.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Wavy Long Wristers

If you are going to substitute your yarn, you need to ensure to used Chunky Weight 5 Yarns. This project is using Red Heart’s Heads Up Yarn. You only need 2 balls, 1 of each colour and you can do 1 pair of wristers.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Wavy Long Wristers.

Video Tutorials (Right & Left Hand)

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  1. Terry

    I’ve made twice and love them. Used team colors and I’ve also made a hat using the stitch, I used your rib stitch tutorial (alternating FPDC and BPDC on a base row of DC) for the bottom of the hat (4 rows of ribbing), then CH 4, DC in same stitch, skip next 2, DC Ch1 DC repeat.

  2. Kathleen

    I love these gloves! I just noticed and was wondering what happened to row 9 lol? When you left off we were at 8 and when we started back up we were at row 10.

  3. Nikki

    Is it possible to make these wristers with a worsted weight yarn? I love this pattern and the instructions in the video are so easy to follow along with!

  4. Candis

    Hi there! I loved this video and the gloves are beautiful!! By any chance do you have a tutorial for a matching beanie and scarf? Thanks so much for all the great stuff you teach us! 🙂

  5. Carol

    yes love the wristers making them for my granddaughters hopeing they well love them

  6. Kristina Bailey

    Thanks to your video tutorial I just finished a set of these. I was struggling with the written pattern. I really liked the way you did your joins. It turned out so nice. I made this set for my sister-in-law. When I make mine, I’ll have to start the thumb after round two since I have ridiculously small hands. The one nice thing about these, I can control it and make it fit me. I can’t do that with gloves I buy from a store. I just started following your FB page and website in the last month and I look forward to continuing to explore your site! Thank you again!

  7. Sandi

    Thank you for another FABULOUS video tutorial 🙂

  8. Dawn

    I love the wavy long wristers! But I love all of your videos! I love all of your articles. I have liked to crochet for quite a few years, but you helped make me to LOVE to crochet!!! I enjoy all facets of it. And your videos are so clear and you speak so well and you c-a-r-e. You are a very unselfish person with your time and your talent. I admire you and all that you have accomplished. However I do know you have very special help and they are extra wonderful also.

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