Bernat Roving Yarn
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Bernat Roving Yarn
Bernat Roving Yarn

What To Do With Bernat Roving Yarn

For those who enjoy Roving Yarn, Bernat Roving is one of the most economical choices on today’s market. I just looked up what Roving Yarn actually is. I know it’s a type of yarn but unsure what the meaning really is.

Roving is a thick yarn that has a small twist on the yarn. It is one strand, not several plies like typical yarn. Because it’s slightly twisted, the yarn doesn’t compact down into plies and remains bulky in look and feel. It gives the appearance of authentic yarn of ‘olden days’ which is desirable by a select group of crocheters and knitters.

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The yarn is made up of 80% Acrylic and 20% wool. Due to the low wool percentage, this yarn will not felt. The wool provides warmth in seasons when you need it most without blowing apart the bank account.

Yarnspirations also makes Patons Classic Wool Roving. The difference between Bernat Roving and Patons Classic Wool Roving is the material content. Patons Roving is 100% wool. Being 100% wool, it takes more sheep to make a 100% wool produce verses a 20% mix like the Bernat Roving version. That’s why there is a price difference between the two.

So whether it’s Bernat Roving or Patons Classic Wool Roving… you have options based on your budget.

Yarn Story

Bernat Roving is a soft, thick, and easy to use single stranded yarn spun from a blend of wool and acrylic.

  • Single-Ply
  • Content: 80% acrylic, 20% wool
  • Ball Size: 100g / 3.5 oz, 109 meters / 120 yards
  • Care: Hand wash and dry flat
  • Gauge: 5 – Bulky
  • Knitting Gauge: 12 sts and 16 rows with a 6.5 mm (U.S. 10.5) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 9 sc and 11 rows with a 6.5 mm (U.S. K/10.5) crochet hook
  • Use for: Knit and crochet garments and accessories

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3 thoughts on “What To Do With Bernat Roving Yarn

  1. Well a commenter being ugly in a CROCHETING forum is the LAST thing I expected to see. I thought this stuff was supposed to decompress you and actually eleviate this kind of attitude. HA! tisk tisk

  2. More research here for you. I’m surprised you didn’t look it up first.
    This roving from Bernat is part roving and part acrylic. The wool part is felted. You know what that is right? When raw wool turns into felting by washing or drying.

    Real wool roving is right off the sheep, and washed and combed into loose strands. Thats the basis of the crazy big chunky blanket fad. But it has to be slightly felted first to keep it from shedding.
    Surprised at you Mikey that you didn’t know this.

    • Hey Pat, is there any reason you have to be so nasty and condescending? It looks to me like JEANNE (you know, the person who is listed as writing this, not Mikey) is learning about this yarn, and took the time to inform others in a polite way

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