Crochet Bean Stitch Pattern

Crochet Bean Stitch
Crochet Bean Stitch
Crochet Bean Stitch

Crochet Bean Stitch

The Crochet Bean Stitch has been around a long time. So for the crochet world, it’s nothing new. Jeanne has a new series coming out, called Beans and Bobbles that utilizes this old stitch because it has something that the Hugs & Kisses series didn’t have. It has texture on both sides of the project.

The bean stitch resembles the idea of a the Puff Stuff but is much easier to manage due to the wrapping technique.

You can download the Bean Stitch Swatch Pattern Here. It has the instructions written down for the bean stuff. The tutorial also shows that as well.

Crochet Bean Stitch Swatch Pattern


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  1. Elsie

    You’re the best. Tried doing it using the PDF alone but they didn’t line up right. I should know by now to just watch your videos first. Thanks for clearing things up for me….again!

  2. ellenm dallas

    I like how you explain how to do different stitched in you tutorials

  3. Judy callahan

    You have the best tutorials……Great speaking voice, easy to understand. I am going to try a hat with this stitch but not in the round. I think it would be very warm for our Midwest winters. If it works I will make them to donate. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

  4. Jamie Gay

    Excellent tutorial and written instructions. Looking forward to making a blanket!

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