Beans & Bobbles Afghan Pattern

Beans & Bobbles Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Beans and Bobbles Blanket

Crochet Beans and Bobbles Blanket

Crochet Beans & Bobbles Afghan

Today I have the second in the #CrochetBB series.  This Beans & Bobbles Afghan is a straight version of my Crochet Beans & Bobbles Chevron Afghan.  I know that many of you would rather not crochet the chevrons so you will definitely find this blanket a bit easier and faster.

I used 5 Caron Big Cakes in Afternoon Tea for this afghan and worked it lengthwise so the striping would be vertical.  You can easily change the size by starting with an even number of chains.  Also, use your favourite yarn to create your own colour story.

When you upload your project to The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social Group or Instagram, please use #CrochetBB so I can see what you have crocheted.  Follow me on Instagram @ jeannestein.



Mikey improvised on the tutorial in row 2. If you see there is a difference in the written words, there is. Do it the way you feel most comfortable with.

• Caron Big Cakes – 5 Balls – Afternoon Tea
• 5.5 mm / I Hook

Sizing 47” x 66”

Beg = Begin(ning)
Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
Rep = Repeat
Rnd = Round
Sc = Single Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch
Tr = Treble Crochet
Yo = Yarn Over
Special Stitch
Bean Stitch – Insert hook in next st, yo and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yo in the same stitch and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), yo in the same stitch once more and pull up a loop (6 loops on hook), yo and pull through all 6 loops on hook, ch 1 to complete the stitch.

You can easily change sizing by starting with any even number of chains.

Ch 200
Row 1: Starting 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across. Turn. – 199 sc
Row 2: Ch 1, sc in first st, *sk next st, bean st in next st; rep from * until 2 sts left, sk next st, sc in last st. Turn. – 98
bean sts
Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first st, bean st in ch-1 sp of each bean st across, sc in last sc. Turn.
Rows 4 – 7: Rep row 3. Turn.
Row 8: Ch 1, sc in first st, 2 sc in ch-1 sp of each bean st across, 2 sc in last sc. Turn. – 199 sc
Row 9: Ch 3 (counts as dc, here and throughout), dc in each st across. Turn.
Row 10: Rep row 9. Turn.
Row 11: Ch 1, sc in first st, *tr in next st, sc in next st; rep from * to end. Turn.
Row 12: Ch 1, sc in first 2 sts, *tr in next st, sc in next st; rep from * to last st, sc in last st. Turn.
Rows 13 – 14: Rep row 9. Turn.
Row 15: Ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn.
Row 16: Rep row 2. Turn.
Rows 17 – 21: Rep row 3.
Continue working in pattern repeat from rows 8 to 21, 8 more times.
Last row: Rep row 8. Do not turn.
Rnds 1 – 2: Sc evenly around afghan, placing 3 sc in corners. Join with sl st to beg sc. Fasten off.

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I am excited to be part of The Crochet Crowd team. I have been crocheting for 40+ years. I am also a big geek and an internet addict. I met Mikey and Diva Dan while onboard a crochet cruise in March 2015, and the rest is history. I hope to help inspire fellow crocheters.

20 thoughts on “Beans & Bobbles Afghan Pattern”

  1. Donna Raheb says:

    Hi, Can you answer debbies question below, I did not see a response

    Debbie says:
    February 13, 2020 at 1:24 am
    I’m so confused with this pattern. Row 2 says bean stitches but in the video you are saying ch 1 skip 1 then sc.

    1. Jeanne says:

      There is a slight error in the video, it’s best to follow the directions in the pattern. But either way, it will work out fine.

      1. Donna Raheb says:

        Thank you Jeanne

  2. Teri Hartley says:

    Oh no..I can’t find the left hand video. Is it possible there is no left hand video available?

    1. Mikey says:

      There isn’t a left but I can easily flip this video if you don’t mind the writing or logos being backwards on the screen. Let me know. Happy to do it.

  3. Trish Tetreau says:

    I bought 5 balls of the Caron big cakes, as the pattern called for but I’m not going to have enough to finish. What can I do now? What did I do wrong?

    1. Marina King says:

      unfortunately not everyone’s tensions are the same, for me, I used to always be off when buying yarn I learned to buy a ball or 2 extra, and either return what I didn’t need or use it for a different project. hopefully, you are able to get more of the yarn you need to finish it.

  4. Nancy Elizondo says:

    This may be a beginner question, so I apologize for that. I am getting started with this Caron Big Cake project. Does this pattern make it so the stripes are on the edge? Since it is self-striping, how do you keep the stripes from being in the middle?


    1. Marina King says:

      The only way to really control where it goes is to cut the yarn and work it where you want it, otherwise, you work and it goes where it goes, I personally have done both methods and have been pleased with the outcome either way, it totally depends on what you prefer.

  5. Debbie says:

    I’m so confused with this pattern. Row 2 says bean stitches but in the video you are saying ch 1 skip 1 then sc.

  6. Karen Mezzatesta says:

    The 11th row says 2 sc in next two stitches then tr in next st, so my question is what st am I putting in tr, sc or tr i’m A little confused. Thank you i’m Loving this pattern. Thank you

  7. Mahannah Pike says:

    From the name I expected a row of bobble stitches and I think I see a row in the pictures. Am I wrong? Am I seeing another stitch? Thanks in advance.

    1. Mikey says:

      I double checked. There are small textured bobbles. The beans standoff taller than the bobbles.

      1. Mahannah Pike says:

        Thank you for responding. I think it may be the treble crochet that I’m seeing in the photo.

      2. Amy Clattenburg says:

        The pattern calls for 6 Caron Cotton Cakes are these the 212 Yrds / ball or the 530 Yrds / ball? Thank you

      3. Mikey says:

        This is using Caron Big Cakes, not cotton cakes. They are just one size for the Caron Big Cakes.

  8. Gabrielle says:

    It says the ch 3 on row 9 counts as a DC, does that mean you skip the first stitch?

    1. You go into the next st available. Not the same st where Ch 3 originates.

      1. Gabby says:

        For some reason my edging is really uneven. Will a border fix this?

      2. Yes… the bean stitch has more tension.

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