Crochet Blanket Plaid Ruana Pattern

Crochet Blanket Ruana
Crochet Plaid Ruana Wrap
Crochet Plaid Ruana Wrap

Crochet Blanket Plaid Ruana

This absolutely gorgeous Crochet Blanket Plaid Ruana is so incredibly easy to crochet. It’s a one-piece structure that starts at the back of the Ruana and works up to the shoulders.

At the shoulders, you leave a gap space in the middle for your neck and then crochet down the two panels. The model is wearing this with the one panel tossed over her neck while the other still hangs down.

The concept is easy and the patter is easy to master too.

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Crochet Plaid Ruana Wrap Pattern

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  1. Kelly M Lane

    No Blue Button

  2. Kelly

    I recently finished my very first cardigan! I was excited to be putting the buttons on and was in Hobby Lobby picking them out when a very sweet older gentleman, perhaps in his eighties, strolled by with a cart full of craft supplies, including three skeins of yarn. He picked up my cardigan and complimented me on it and said, “I wish I could do that! I just make scarves with a loom, but I really want to crochet!” He shared that after his wife passed, he keeps busy with making anything he can. He was making cemetery decorations for a friend and had a “scarf job” to do. He was so stinkin’ cute! I wrote down the webpage info for The Crochet Crowd and encouraged him to use your crochet videos for beginners and your loom knitting videos. I hope he finds as much encouragement and fellowship as I have through the years because of finding you, your tutorials and the community that has developed because of them. I know you take what you do seriously and that sometimes you may struggle with the challenges that develop from managing diverse people. But, when I found you, I was in a very low place. I took up crochet to find refuge from a situation that was so stressful, I seriously thought I might have a nervous breakdown. Thank God my husband just let me get lost in yarn and soothe myself by learning crochet. Through God’s grace, my husband and the satisfaction of creating, I came out the other side stronger and with a hobby that is so beneficial. Thanks for your work. God bless and happy hooking!

  3. Meryl Pinion

    Mikey, I have a serious problem with my stitch gauge, and really need expert help. I’ve crocheted for 48 years, and I’m good at it. I’m not advanced, but I’m capable of producing intermediate level baby clothes. I’ll send some pictures if I can figure out how (duh!). My work is very regular and even, and tight, and I am a very careful crocheter. Problem: no matter what I do, I cannot match the stitch gauge in most patterns, and it’s not a little variation: it’s huge. I’ve been trying to swatch a baby cardigan. I’m using the yarn specified in the pattern. If I use the hook specified, which is “H,” my swatch comes out almost two inches too wide. I brought the hook size down several times. The last swatch I made, I used a “D” hook, which is quite a few sizes smaller than suggested, but the swatch was still too wide. I’ll try it with a “C” hook, but I’m not very optimistic. I don’t understand this at all. How can it be so wide when I use such a small hook? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • The problem is the tension. I crochet looser than I should too. I have to reduce my hook size to get the gauges. Everyone has slightly different tensions. A designer’s tension may be different from yours. I know one designer that is really loose and I have to increase my hook to match her. We are human, so it’s almost impossible to get the same gauges with the same hooks. The yarn of choice also plays a factor too. So if you are substituting the yarn, that may be part of the problem as well.

      • Meryl Pinion

        Mikey, love, I know all that. Please read my comment again; you’ll see that I address every one of those things. I don’t crochet looser than I should; I crochet tight. If the yarn says 13 sc to 4 inches, I’ll get 15 sc in the same space. This pattern says that same yarn should give 18 dc to 4 inches, but that can’t be right. I’ve tried to find the designer, but I’m not having much luck. Do you suppose it’s just a mistake in the pattern?

        BTW, you are, without a doubt, the best crochet instructor I have ever seen make a video for others. It is a complete joy to have found you (and the rest of the Crowd). Thanks for everything.

        P.S. I don’t suppose gauge matters as much for a Ruana pattern, though, huh?

      • Meryl – the pattern comes from Yarnspirations and the customer service is excellent. Use the Customer Service number or the customer contact email to get in touch with them.

      • Meryl Pinion

        Mikey, many thanks, and many apologies: I was not clear in my original comment. I had trouble figuring out how to email you, and this comment section was the only place I could find to make contact. I’ve learned better since then, so I will email, where I can be more clear about my problem. The gauge problem I’m having isn’t with the Ruana pattern. Again, many, many thanks. You’re clearly an angel to read so many queries, and respond so quickly and willingly. Cheers!

  4. Stacy Stein

    Hey Mikey. I am a beginner to crochet and i have been learning through your videos. I was wondering if you would be making a video of the Paton Lace Blanket Scarf?
    I believe i have read and understood the first half of the instructions correctly, working on it now, but the second half I am not sure about. I think I understand that it is the other half of a large triangle, but not sure if that is correct. Thank you very much in advance (fellow Ontarian living in København, Danmark)

    • Morning Stacy, I don’t have any plans to film that particular project. I have a huge list of tutorials to do but that’s not one of them. If you are struggling, you can contact Yarnspirations through their website and ask for clarification on the pattern. They will be okay to help you. 😀

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