Never Ending Granny Afghan eBook

Crochet Never Ending Granny Squares eBook
Mikey's Free eBook - Never Ending Granny Afghans
Mikey’s Free eBook – Never Ending Granny Afghans

Mikey’s Never Ending Granny Afghans eBook

Mikey’s version of granny squares is slightly different in this eBook as she shows you how to go around the afghan without slip stitching in the corners. Mikey’s struggled with slip stitching as a kid and for nearly 20 years, all of his crochet afghans were done the same way. Learn the secrets to Mikey’s Never Ending Granny Afghans with this free downloadable eBook.

A brand new downloading option is now available to ease up the procedures. Thank you for your patience. Over 40,000 copies of this book have been downloaded since it’s release in October 2012.

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Mikey’s Never Ending Granny Afghans eBook

The Never-Ending Granny Afghan eBook

Mikey's Free eBook - Never Ending Granny Afghans
Mikey’s Free eBook – Never Ending Granny Afghans

If you downloaded this book before November 11, 2012, be advised there is a new updated version. There are significant changes between the original and new revisions.

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So what’s in the book you might ask? I have pulled some pages out for you to see. If you want the written instructions, crochet diagrams and video links to get further help, you will need to download the book. Here are some page samples

GrannyAfghan2 Grannyafghan3

GrannyAfghan4 GrannyAfghan5

GrannyAfghan6  GrannyAfghan8

My book is 45 pages of crochet goodness.

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  1. Victoria M Guerra

    HI Mikey,

    Thanks for teaching crocheting on youtube, etc, i think your great at it, you explain everything so well, you’re not too fast or too slow, you have the knack of speaking before people camera etc. you make it so easy to follow and understand, can’t thank you enough, i learned crocheting many years ago i really haven’t made many things now that i’m retired i hope to make lots and lots and lots of things.

    i do have a question I don’t remember which video it was there are several different ways to attach when you want to change your yarn color or if you run out of your yarn: one is making a slip knot on the hook the other one is just laying the yarn over the hook and make the slip knot as you’re attaching it and i forgot when you do this i remember you stating in the video that you would be able to notice it meaning being bulky i don’t think its hidden as easily in some of the other pattersn, i don’t remember which blanket or stitch etc can you help me out? when is that you use that method laying the yarn or the hook then slip stitch when attaching it?

    Thank You so much for all that you do


  2. libby thompson

    I just wanted to share a method I use to finish one round and start another with the same yarn. On a regular granny square, I start the rounds in the corner by making a standing dc & 2 standard dc. At the end of the round I make a ch 1, then a sc in the top of the standing dc at the beginning. Then when I chain up to start the next round I am in the middle of the corner, so I make 2 dc and continue with the traditional pattern. If there is a color change, I just ch 2 and slip.
    I’ve crocheted for almost 50 years and I find I still learn things from your videos – love them!

  3. Mary Calabrese

    I love your Never Ending Granny Square, thank you for sharing.

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