Crochet Granny Slippers Pattern

Crochet Granny Slippers Pattern
Crochet Granny Slippers Pattern
Crochet Granny Slippers Pattern

Granny Slippers

These crochet granny slippers are exquisite to look at. Interestingly enough, each slipper consists of 3 hexagonal shaped grannies. There are

actually two motif designs used per slipper. The top of the front of the foot is a complete hexagon and the two motifs at the heels have a slight variation in the final round to make the sole blend better.

For doing this pattern. There is a total of 6 motifs required. All six are identical to each other with the exception of the final round. I address this in the tutorial. What I would do is to make all 6 motifs at the exact same time so you are doing it like an assembly line. It’s easier to remember a pattern when you have to do it two or more times and you can get quicker.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern Granny Slippers

There is a child’s version of these same slippers in the pattern. I determined the adult version would be more popular and decided to the tutorial for women instead of kids. The concept is the same but there are slight variations as the child’s slipper won’t be as big. Just substitute for the kid sizes.

In the tutorial, I refer to this diagram for figuring out the sole for the front of the foot and back of the heel. This diagram will allow you to be flexible and easier than counting every stitch you encounter.

Granny Slippers Sole Diagram Used in Crochet Tutorial Video
Granny Slippers Sole Diagram Used in Crochet Tutorial Video

Video Tutorial Below

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  1. Brenda Burton

    Hi, Mikey! Just finished my first pair. I had an awful time with the sole, but once I had the video, the written instructions, and the diagram up on my computer, I was able to figure it out. These are so cute! I’m hoping I have enough time to finish several more pairs before Christmas.

    Thanks so much for all your videos. Your explanations are clear and I’ve learned to read diagrams from you! Thanks again!
    Much love from Alabama

  2. Sara Bailey

    No tutorial? Thereโ€™s a blue button but not a tutorial

  3. Lily

    Hello! What do I have to change to make this pattern for children do you have any video? Thank you!

    • Tabu

      I made this but frogged it cause too big for my 7.5 shoe size do you have suggestions how to adjust the motifs to fit

      • Do you do a gauge swatch before you began? My only thought it to decrease a hook size or two to make your motifs smaller.

      • Mikey

        Can you reduce your hook size to tighten your stitches?

  4. Cindy

    Where can I get a written pattern for this?

    • Mikey

      The article has been updated to show you the link better. I have added a big blue button for it.

  5. Jennifer

    I have a much bigger foot. I need a size 12. How would you make these to be larger? Thank you so much.

  6. Mary

    I’m confused. Unless I’m misreading the pattern, which is entirely possible, both rounds 3 and 4 of motif B are different – not just round 4. I keep going between the pattern and the tutorial to figure out the discrepancy. Did I download an old version of the pattern?

  7. Making them with a different yarn. If you have any influence on those that create the patterns at Yarnspirations, please tell them that it would be a great help if they could provide a gauge for the “in pattern” stitches as well as giving the dimensions of a finished hexagon. This way, those of us who crochet tightly or who want to swap out yarns, can do so accurately. Thanks.

  8. Terry Crochets

    I’m making them tonight. Watched your tutorial at my desk….shhhhhh! You were Bang On ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nora

    Mikey, thank you Thank You THANK YOU. I was having such a mental block when it came to doing the sole. Your tutorial and diagram are much appreciated.

      • Silvija

        Hi Mikey, could you please help me. I’m getting stuck on the part where I’m supposed to attach the 2 B parts to the A part. I got one on there and then I realized I couldn’t mirror it on the other side, unless I do one of them with with the wrong side forward. How do you line them up so the markers mirror each other?
        Thanks in advance!

      • Tracy

        did you ever get an answer to your question about motif B being off on one side?I am having the same problem. There are too many sc stitches at the end.

      • If you are off by one… Either add an extra stitch or if there is too many, to a 2 TOG stitch to make the final two into one. That’s what I would do.

  10. Made these for myself and love them. Kids have asked for them too.

  11. I would love the pattern for the Granny slippers, as my feet are so very bad with Arthritis and I find it very hard to get something warm and soft to wear on my feet.

    • Sandy Hinde

      Yes where do we download the pattern from for child etc?

      • Hi Mikey,
        Love , love that patten. Thanks a lot for sharing this free tutorial ????Just made 2 pairs for my friends. I’m going to post them as well as your link on Instagram. I ‘ m sorry but I don’t know where to post photos on your website .
        Here’s the link :
        Awesome explanations.
        Just subscribed to your Youtube channel !
        THANK YOU!

      • Lobzang Dolma

        Hello sir ….im lobzang from leh ladakh (india).im also love to crochet ….bit im a begganier for it….i love ur pattern …it help me a lot tomake a beautiful slipper for my daughter….anf i also want to make one for me which is big size….do u have bigger size pattern!!!thank u …lots off love…from us

      • that pattern is for both child and adult sizes, on the bottom of the second page you’ll see “lady’s version”

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