Crochet Invisible Joins Tutorial

Invisible Round Join for Mandalas and Rounds
Invisible Round Join for Mandalas and Rounds
Invisible Round Join for Mandalas and Rounds

Crochet Invisible Joins for Mandalas

In crochet, after 30 years, I have come to accept that seamlines are a natural look to a project. It doesn’t mean I like it. I’m not OCD but my eyes jump to it directly on a project. Bugs me A LOT!

However, just because I have come to accept it, doesn’t mean there’s not a solution for it.

Anytime you are doing a full round of a project, you can use the Invisible Join Technique. It will take just a minute or two longer but those seam lines are gone!

Here’s a Circle Project where typical Slip Stitching Joins in the rounds are done.

Slip Stitch Join in Crochet
Slip Stitch Join in Crochet

Anytime I see this, I don’t look at the bat, just the darn seam line. MAKE IT STOP! (covers eyes)

The Solution

So there is a solution that is used in Mandalas called the Invisible Join. I know right. Where is it. A true experienced crochet will be able to see it. The stitch that is joined looks like a chain but is blended so perfectly. Seriously, no photo shop required!

Invisible Join with Mandalas
Invisible Join with Mandalas

The trick is not to finish the round with a slip stitch! It will require you to cut your yarn and finish the round with a darning needle! I’m sorry, but for me, I would rather cut my yarn than have a seam line! See how it’s done in the tutorial below.


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  1. Katrina Colburn

    No pattern link. Video link working.

  2. Catherine Cooper

    Hi Mikey, LOVE what you do for us. I was wondering though, have you stopped doing left handed tutorials? I plan on watching the Invisible Join tutorial when I get a moment but I don’t see it for left-handed people. Noticed some of your newer videos are also right-hand only. Just wondering. I find I am a visual learner and find it rather difficult to keep trying to reverse everything I see. Thanks! Love you!

  3. Lori Carroll

    This is AWESOME!! I make TONS of hats (primarily for the preemies and newborns at the local NICU), and I’ve gotta tell ya… that seam makes me MENTAL!!! I am LOVIN’ this!! Thanks a billion (and when it comes to my needlework, be it crocheting, knitting or cross stitching) I am SO OCD about my stitches looking good and my projects looking amazing!!!

  4. Linda Barnes

    that’s great! thanks MIckey!!!

  5. Kim Seamans

    I would like to see how you joined the next color. You showed how to finish but not how to work the next color. Maybe it is in another video. Also, how can you get rid of the seam if you are working several rows in the same color. Is there a technique for that? Again, you may have another video. I am making a dress with a vision in my head and no pattern but I am not happy that I can see each time I change to the next row. I will use your suggestion on the next garment I make. If I tear this one out one more time my husband will have a heart attack. He hates to see me make lots of progess, not like how it looks and rip it out. I think it hurts him more than it does me. I just know if I really don’t like the end product I won’t wear it. Then it is more of a waste of time than if I fix the issue and move on.

    • joyce marie

      i have the same question about continuing on with the same color 🙂

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