Crochet Invisible Joins Tutorial

Crochet Invisible Joins Tutorial

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Invisible Round Join for Mandalas and Rounds

Invisible Round Join for Mandalas and Rounds

Crochet Invisible Joins for Mandalas

In crochet, after 30 years, I have come to accept that seamlines are a natural look to a project. It doesn’t mean I like it. I’m not OCD but my eyes jump to it directly on a project. Bugs me A LOT!

However, just because I have come to accept it, doesn’t mean there’s not a solution for it.

Anytime you are doing a full round of a project, you can use the Invisible Join Technique. It will take just a minute or two longer but those seam lines are gone!

Here’s a Circle Project where typical Slip Stitching Joins in the rounds are done.

Slip Stitch Join in Crochet

Slip Stitch Join in Crochet

Anytime I see this, I don’t look at the bat, just the darn seam line. MAKE IT STOP! (covers eyes)

The Solution

So there is a solution that is used in Mandalas called the Invisible Join. I know right. Where is it. A true experienced crochet will be able to see it. The stitch that is joined looks like a chain but is blended so perfectly. Seriously, no photo shop required!

Invisible Join with Mandalas

Invisible Join with Mandalas

The trick is not to finish the round with a slip stitch! It will require you to cut your yarn and finish the round with a darning needle! I’m sorry, but for me, I would rather cut my yarn than have a seam line! See how it’s done in the tutorial below.


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