Crochet Kitty Couch Pattern

Crochet Kitty Couch
Crochet Kitty Couch
Crochet Kitty Couch

The Crochet Kitty Couch is for pampered felines that think they are boss! A cat bed unlike any other.

This pattern makes me squeal and I may even wet myself because it’s one that checks all of the boxes of fun! Binky Boo and Puss Puss would fight for this. I would have to make 2. Just when I don’t think it’s too much, tosses on a mini cat crochet granny blanket over the top!

Instructions for the foam that builds this up are included. The couch is about 24″ long by 16″ deep. There’s only 1 size couch provided in this pattern. There I go again, SQUEEEE! I love this pattern! Such a lot of fun! This makes me want to play with all of the crayons in my box! Creativity overload!

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Free Pattern: Crochet Kitty Couch


The tutorial is designed to walk you through the steps but doesn’t show doing each section individually. All of the components with exception to the dust ruffle are the same stitch combination. The increase and decreases used to form the shapes are discussed in the tutorial.

Just do 4 rounds for Granny Square for the Cat Sofa Version. Use 4 mm/G Hook.

Invisible Join. I would use this technique for sewing the pieces of the sofa panels together as well.

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  1. Christina Greenburg

    I love this pattern but I have a question for you all. I would like to make this look like the old couches. With the vertical stripes. Could you help me with this?? Thank you for all the videos. I love them.

    • Mikey

      You would have to do it like a graphghan if you are doing vertical strips. It would require a handful of yarn balls to be used at the same time. You would have to do it something like this video and figure out the stitch counts and widths of each colour. It will take some math and desire to follow through. See how the poncho is done. I don’t have the permission to redesign the couch but you can see how the poncho is done and improvise.

  2. Nancy Jones

    I am making the couch and purchased high density 3″ and 4″ foam at Hobby Lobby. I have watched your video but did not see how you assembled the foam pieces. I have a hot glue gun but in my experience, the glue cools and dries quickly. Any other recommended options for joining the pieces? Will you do a video on the foam assembly?

    • He has already completed it, so sorry, there will not be a video. Maybe try another glue from the craft store for porous materials?

  3. Deana K. Haines

    I just finished my kitty couch!

  4. Melissa Conrad

    Hi! I’m making the kitty couch now, and would like to know what kind of foam to use? I got a 3 pack of craft foam from Amazon. It’s like a Styrofoam. Is that correct? I did get 2 inch instead of 3 inch bc it was slightly cheaper. But I am perfectly fine with it being a tad shorter. Thanks so much for making this tutorial. For sure Is a good reference to make sure I am doing everything right 😅

    • It wouldn’t be like Styrofoam. What I seen is called high density foam.

  5. Julie Goers

    Hi Mikey!
    Thank you for creating a tutorial for this and a link to the pattern. I might be crazy, but I’m making THREE of them for Christmas gifts! I am confused about why we need the “Couch cushion gusset” pieces, and do not see assembly information for the couch cushions??
    If you cover this in the tutorial, I apologize, I will watch 😉 Seems that the designer missed this information in the pattern and I just can’t see where the “gussets” fit in.
    Thank you for all you do! Have a great day!

    • Mikey

      The gussets were removed from the pattern as the sample with the cat on the couch doesn’t have it. It means less crocheting. It was a detail that was to be put in but then ended up being taken out.

      • Nancy Johnstone

        I’m going to do one of these.. My cats will love it.

        Watched your video for the Afghan that looks red and white peppermints. It was wonderful.

      • Mikey

        Designer said Pantoufles loved it and was sad to see it go to the studio for photography.

  6. Josh

    Will you be making a video tutorial/ written pattern for this project? I would love to make this for my cat.

    • Mikey

      I’m doing partial walk through and stitch review for this sofa. I am currently making the tutorial now.

      • Shaunna Kohlman

        Can you please tell me why the back of couch and the back cushion dont seem to measure up. I have done exactly when it says and exactly the right stitches. Im in the process of ripping it out. Ugh!

  7. Josh

    Will you be doing a video or written pattern for this as I would love to make this for my cat. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. L

    I don’t understand. Annie’s has had this pattern available to purchase for years. It doesn’t seem fair to offer a free version of an already established pattern. This seems like a step backwards in the fight against content theft and copyright infringement

    • Mikey

      You are more than welcome to contact Yarnspirations Customer Care and raise your concerns. It’s something I don’t control or have a say over. Here is their information to contact them if you wish to follow through. They will be able to address your concerns as they don’t monitor this website.

    • Amie

      Annie’s is charging for a version of the pattern that has been a free pattern since 1984. Check your facts.

    • Alana

      I’ve made the Annie’s one and this one looks pretty different in stitch pattern and in construction/assembly. I think it’s also bigger. That’s like saying it’s copyright infringement to make a hat with a pompom because someone else has already done it.

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