Crochet Kitty Hat Pattern

Crochet Kids Baby Hat
Crochet Kitty Hat
Crochet Kitty Hat

Crochet Kitty Hat

This adorable Crochet Kitty Hat is definitely one to grab some attention for ooohs and aaahs! It’s so sweet!

This hat starts at the bottom brim in a full circle and makes it way to the top. After a few rounds at the bottom, the ribbing starts to appear. I have to say, I’m impressed by the simplicity of the design from the designers at Yarnspirations. It wasn’t too complicated and comes out wonderful.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Kitty Hat

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At the top are two sewn on ears. Very easy to make with only 5 rows to form a triangle. For those who need extra help, the tutorial is provided below to follow along with me.


Crochet Baby Hats

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  1. holly

    What a cute hat! I love the way mine came out. However, my grand daughter has a bigger head than this pattern. I’ll make the necessary changes and make another. Thanks for a great tutorial!

    • my husband has a tiny head my kids have huge ones I’m always messing with patterns lol


    no blue button

  3. Love your hats. I am crocheting them to sell, although they dont look the same than the tutorial. Would like to share pictures of them. Share ideas with me. Thanks. Susana Radachowsky.

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