Crochet Mountain Range Blanket
Crochet Mountain Range Blanket
Crochet Mountain Range Blanket

Crochet Mountain Range Blanket

Have you ever wanted to crochet a Wave Blanket that has different heights of waves across the blanket? Now is your chance for this Crochet Mountain Range Blanket.

The afghan is in multiples of 34 + 21. So you can customize the sizing. Each multiple = approx 7″ across.

The pattern is consistent in using back loops to ensure the blanket has texture. If you prefer not to use the back loops, just ignore that and use regular stitches. Your call.

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Crochet Mountain Range Blanket Pattern


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9 thoughts on “Crochet Mountain Range Blanket Pattern

  1. I absolutely love the Mountain Range Afghan. Using SC makes a much heavier afghan than is needed in Texas. Could you write this pattern using DC?

    • I have to check to ensure a DC version doesn’t already exist. Leave it with me. When I have so more time. I will have to google to see if one already exists by a different designer.

  2. I’m new at crochet and even after counting 10 and 5 I had too many stitches. I think the 2 chains at the top confused me. Any one else have this problem.

  3. Could you tell us what colors are in your blanket and how much of each color you needed to get your finished size (and what size you did)? We can extrapolate from there but basic info on skeins/size us appreciated.

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