Crochet Polka Dot Baby Blanket Pattern

Crochet Polka Dot Baby Blanket
Crochet Polka Dot Baby Blanket

The Crochet Polka Dot Baby Blanket was designed by Daisy Farm Crafts for Yarnspirations.

This is using a crochet tapestry concept of carrying the yarn under the stitches and making them strategically pop out.

If you look closely, you will notice each row is the same colour as the popouts. Turn it sideways and it may appear more random, even when it’s not.

The tutorial is ready and filmed by Daisy Farm Crafts and linked below to help you further.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Polka Dot Baby Blanket


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  1. Nancy Hunter

    I am making the polka dot baby blanket. Can you recommend a method to secure the ends of the bobble rows?

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