6 Crochet Blocks Blankets Patterns

6 Block Inspired Crochet Blankets
6 Block Inspired Crochet Blankets
6 Block Inspired Crochet Blankets

Inspired by Crochet Blocks

As children, we learn the essentials of building through stacking blocks and puzzling things together. Myself, I was addicted to LEGO®. I played with lego until I was about 12 years of age. While we never had the fancy sets of LEGO, the basics of the blocks were all I needed to set my imagination on fire with ideas.

These selected blankets are block-based. Maybe the stitch is creating a block or the project is made in blocks.

These projects also include a free tutorial to follow.

Crochet Building Blocks Throw
Crochet Building Blocks Throw

Building Blocks Throw

The Crochet Building Blocks Throw completed puts m back to my childhood, in my mind. The blanket consists of 4 different types of building blocks. There is a 1 dot, 2 dots, 4 dots and 6 dots block. The formula is pretty much the same as it’s a mix of single crochet rows and half double crochet rows.

I felt some information may be missing from the pattern, so you will see in the tutorial I will be explaining 4 dots and 6 dots variation with information to help you be consistent with your counts.

The blocks are made in rows but with each, there is a final round. You will notice the blocks will have a slight lean that is caused by the half double crochet. Don’t panic, it will straighten up as the border for each block will do that for you.

There is new sewing required. It’s a single crochet join. The border follows the premise of alternating between single crochet and half double crochet rounds. There is a total of 5 rounds with the last round just being a slip stitch around.

I think this is a perfect personalized gift for children and grown-ups who just love the building blocks. It’s a throwback to memories.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Building Blocks Throw Pattern


Crochet Gigi's Block Party Blanket
Crochet Gigi’s Block Party Blanket

Crochet Gigi’s Block Party Blanket

I hope you enjoy crocheting this new blanket today, Gigi’s Block Party Blanket.  It’s another combination of my two best patterns – The Hugs & Kisses Blanket and the Modern Granny!

Keeping up with my love for self-striping yarn, I’ve chosen to use Bernat POP! in Blue Streak for this blanket.  I used 9 balls to crochet this blanket to a finished size of 56″ square.

When you upload your project to The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social Group or Instagram, feel free to tag me so I can see what you have crocheted.  Follow me on Instagram @ jeannestein or on Facebook.  My designs can also be saved in your Ravelry favourites by following me HERE.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Crochet Gigi’s Block Party Blanket Pattern
Crochet Gigis Block Party Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crochet Gigis Block Party Blanket by Jeanne Steinhilber

There’s no tutorial available for this one at this time.

Crochet Baby Sampler Afghan
Crochet Baby Sampler Afghan

Baby Sampler Afghan

This Crochet Baby Sampler Afghan is not very hard to do. It has 4 squares that are different but looks like a lot more as there are different colours being used throughout the afghan. There is a total of 12 squares in all.

I have completed 5 tutorials for this particular afghan. The written instructions have the blocks divided up by blocks 1, 2, 3 & 4. There is a separate tutorial for each as all of the squares make for interesting stitches that you can use in other projects if you wish. For example, you could do large afghans or other projects using just one of the stitches you see within this project.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Baby Sampler Afghan Pattern

All 4 Blocks at inside One Tutorial

Crochet Stacking Blocks Afghan
Crochet Stacking Blocks Afghan

Stacking Blocks Afghan

The Crochet Stacking Blocks Afghan is essentially a corner to corner, C2C, technique working from the center going outward to form a square. The sides step like a corner to corner. With the help of the Caron Big Cakes, you will see results of excellent colour transitions and this pattern is easy to master.

The tutorial below will help you get started. There is also a second tutorial with the exact same pattern with a neutral colour palette for this project. It’s done exactly the same way.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Stacking Blocks Afghan Pattern


Crochet Colorblock Baby Blanket
Crochet Colorblock Baby Blanket

Color Block Blanket

Learn how to make a Color Block Panels Blanket using techniques not mentioned in this free pattern.

Firstly, I am going to show you how to do this pattern from a different concept of building the blocks one by one instead of making the blocks in large strips that require sewing.

I will show you how to attach the squares together as you crochet and keep the look the exact same. You can use my version to be creative and create a quilt like a baby blanket.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Color Block Panels Blanket. By using the Bernat L’il Tots, you will end up with a colourful and super soft baby blanket.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Colorblock Baby Blanket Pattern


Crochet Tumbling Baby Blocks Blanket
Crochet Tumbling Baby Blocks Blanket

Tumbling Blocks Baby Blanket

If you love Corner to Corner Afghans known as C2C, you may just love this Li’l Tots Baby Blanket using the same concept.

Finished afghan is only 32″ square and will hook up pretty quickly. The pattern has the number of blocks you need for a baby size if you prefer but you can also do a huge bedspread size too.

Want to give this a try, get the free pattern. It’s called Tumbling Blocks Baby Blanket.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Tumbling Baby Blocks Blanket Pattern


You may notice people using Corner to Corner, aka C2C to do pictures inside of the stitchwork. This video shows how this is done.

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  4. DD

    Hi Mikey. Starting this pattern. Love it. But I have a question…. on the repeat round of row 3 (which would be row 7) it says to dc in the first dc, then sk 3 dcs,,,however, The ending of row 4 is to sc in the top of the turning ch therefore the beginning stitch would be an sc not a dc or am I reading this totally wrong?

  5. Lisa

    I love the look of this blanket in terms of different stitching in each block. Would I have a problem putting blocks together if I wanted to use the first stitch block you show and say another block in all double crochet rows? What would I have to do to attach them? My favorite one is the first video you show. The others take up a lot of yarn as I am using a bulky yarn.

  6. Regina

    Thank you so much for providing these excellent tutorials…I would be lost without you! With your instructions I have made many beautiful gifts. I am getting all my supplies ready for the baby afghan challenge. love you Mikey

  7. Tanya

    Hi Mickey,
    For the Baby Sampler do you think we can work it the same way the color block afghan is worked by adding the blocks as you go instead of whip stitching at the end? I like this afghan but hate putting squares together as I am not good at it. Thanks

  8. Brenda fuller

    Bang on!

  9. Thank you, i think you explain to easy i will try to do the blanket for my nephew, i Dont speak english but try it. I hope i expliened right,

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