Crochet Rose Bouquet Pattern

Crochet Rose Bouquet
Crochet Rose Bouquet
Crochet Rose Bouquet

The Crochet Rose Bouquet is made up from Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.

There are two types of flower constructions in this one pattern. First, there is the open flower which is the rose fully open and showing its beauty. There is also a rosebud where the rose is in partial growth and will open in the future (theory-wise).

For the stems,  you will crochet them and then feed a floral wire inside the stem for stability. There is a leaf pattern that is the same throughout the bouquet that are sewn onto the stems.

The video will demonstrate how the flower, bud, stem and leaf are made but you will need to construct the assembly on your own by following the instructions.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Rose Bouquet


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  1. Mary Hardin

    Love to crochet,and want learn how to make the roses!

  2. I have followed you from the start. Loved it when you would crochet the whole thing with the audience in the beginning. I had learned some of the stitches from my grandmother and then she past and it seemed I no longer wanted to do that craft because it brought me no joy. When you came on you brought the joy back and I began to dabble in it again. Thank you for bringing crochet back to me.

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