Crochet Three Little Pumpkins Pattern

3 Little Pumpkins Side by Side
3 Little Pumpkins Side by Side
3 Little Pumpkins Side by Side

The Crochet Three Little Pumpkins are like a build your own pumpkin in crochet.

Myself, I don’t observe Halloween due to where I live, it’s a long trek from the laneway to the road and we do have treats ready for kids if we get any, who journey all the way up to our home. For myself, I love the pumpkin simplicity of the shapes and stem without the faces too.

So this is a win-win. You can make little pumpkins for your fall or Thanksgiving decor or face it up for Halloween.

The tutorial will have all of the components inside so you can mix and match the faces. Don’t be afraid to improvise. You will have noticed I framed the triangle nose and eyes so it was more formfitting.

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