Knitting Long Tail Cast On

Knitting Long Tail Cast On

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Knitting: How to Cast On - Split Long Tail Method

Knitting: How to Cast On – Split Long Tail Method

Cast On using Long Tail Method

Casting on with a Long Tail requires you to not start your slip knot close to the end of the strand. It will require you to use two strands that intertwine with each other.

This technique takes a bit of getting used to and isn’t very difficult.

With your non-dominant hand, you will position the yarn like the yarn is doing a sling-shot. It appears like the needle is going to shoot off into the distance. To get the yarn to wrap around your thumb and pointer finger isn’t very hard.

Form a slip knot and slide onto the needle. With the two yarn strands hanging down. Clamp the yarn into your fingers and use your thumb and pointer finger and put them between the two hanging down strings. Open your finger and thumb apart. Tilt your hand backwards so the yarn wraps around the thumb and pointer finger as seen in the photo.

Using the needle, travel up the thumb and collect the loop from the thumb but don’t let the loop go. Swivel the hook to the pointer finger and collect the yarn from the pointer finger. With your thumb, place the thumb yarn over the tip of the needle. Pull strands tot and restart again.

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See the tutorial for a full demonstration.


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