Mikey The Star Struck Fool Meets Vanna White

Vanna White with Mikey and Diva Dan, January 2014.
Mikey, Vanna White
Vanna White meets Michael Sellick, Daniel Zondervan of The Crochet Crowd.

Have you ever been starstruck? If you have been, you will totally relate to the inside story I am about to share with you.

The Crochet Crowd officially joined marketing forces with Lion Brand Yarns on January 1st, 2014. Together with Lion Brand, we are sharing our love for yarn and yarn creativity together.

Vanna White is a spokesperson of Lion Brand Yarns. It’s a big ‘to do’ when she shows up at the Craft & Hobby Association. Lion Brand hosts a fashion show that Vanna participates with.

Having joined in on the yarn fun with Lion Brand, we knew there would be a strong possibility of meeting Vanna. Knowing this in advance, I vowed to myself to be intelligent, confident and say something smart. I will just say… it was everything that I was trying to avoid.

Minutes before meeting Vanna, I found out she was in the building by a friend. I am like… I’m just going to casually walk by and say… Wooo Hooo to Vanna! haha… You can tell my execution of my plan is poorly thought out and I am doomed to fail. HAHA… I am laughing as I type this.

I went to the Lion Brand Booth and there she was… but her back was to me… So I hadn’t seen her face. Cameras were out and she was meeting people. I turned to Jack Blumenthal, co-owner of Lion Brand, and asked him if an introduction to Vanna would be possible. Without any notice, Jack immediately called Vanna as I was pretty close to her and her back was still to me. She turned and Jack did a very quick introduction. Jack says, “You tell her about you!”

Though Jack doesn’t know this or anyone… all that was going through my head was the sound of Porky Pig, “ba deep, ba deep, b’ we’ll that’s all folks!” Once I had the image of myself sounding like Porky Pig, I was going down the steepest curve of a roller coaster and trust me… I went downhill fast that I could feel the wind blowing up my cheeks gritting at my own star-struck humiliation.

I was like… OMG… Vanna is within 2 feet of my face and shaking my hand. I just completely froze up and managed to say my name and say that I teach crochet on YouTube but stumbled through it all. I admitted, “Yes… I’m that bumbling fan you so love to meet!” She naturally smiles and says “ahhh” with a sympathetic tone. I had no idea what to say to her.

So I was like talking in tongues making absolutely no sense, and it suddenly occurred to me to call in Diva Dan. Diva Dan comes prancing over and handles himself like the Queen of England. Everything but the curtsy and man… With Diva Dan being so calm… I felt like I turned into Wylie Coyote, I had run off the edge holding and anvil. I look back and see Vanna and Diva Dan say “Meep Meep”… and there I go flying down into the canyon landing with a poof and a cloud of smoke!

So this photo was taken of us. I think my face was frozen in a smile and my eyes are glazed like Krispy Kreme Donuts!

So my entire few minutes with Vanna turned completely into a Looney Tunes Moment in my brain. I am laughing now, but I am sure if I ran into her again tomorrow, I would be Goofy going down the ski slope screaming YAHOOOOOOO-EY! haha

Just keeping my blog real! This is what really happened!

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  1. Norma Hunt

    Met you fellows in your younger days sweet young men! just a little older than my own were. Then again at Spin Rite a few years later, me I had an arm load of sparkly fine yarn about 8 bags, and you bounced by and gave hello and by the time I looked and had a reply you were off filming something! geesh could not speak. Now I am living up North and miss the Spin Rite outlet but can still order online. Lived in Hanover at that time btw

  2. Janet

    Too bad you couldn’t show her a picture of all your Fans. She doesn’t know I’m her fan too/either. Oh, well, maybe she’ll look you up so the next time you meet her, you’ll be besties.

    • that would be one huge photo to capture everyone for sure, hide Mikey and dan in the photo and have our very own where’s waldo

  3. Sandy Quinn

    Mikey you just crack me up. You are so funny.

    • Rosalinda Valle Guerra


  4. I want the pattern for the sweater she’s wearing! 🙂

  5. Deborah Baker

    And this is why we love you. You’re
    one of us!

  6. Nasrin Ashraf.

    Mikey if ever I meet u I think I will fall flat on my face!!

  7. Robyn Drury

    Oh Mikey, your my star!!

  8. Marie

    Love it…..too funny…. Not to worry, I would do the same!

  9. Diane

    Ha ha ha. Mikey, you are so funny. I’ll bet Vanna was as star struck as you were.

    So glad you are such a real person.

  10. Good Grief, Mikey! You’re a hoot! 🙂

  11. Renee

    I’m with Linda! I’d be the same way if I met you!

  12. I mentioned you on my blog today nominating you for a Sunshine blogger award : )

  13. Rosalie Wright

    Funny story….love it! I’m sure she’s used to fans getting tongue tied; now the next time it happens with one of your fans, you will know how they feel….hahahahahahahahaha
    I’ve met Interior Designer, Vern Yip and you and Dan of course…and my first boyfriend when I was 18 was a celebrity so I guess I don’t get tongue tied…not sure what celebrity would make me get tongue tied. Maybe Channing Tatum would or Mario Lopez but I generally don’t get star struck but never say never…it could still happen someday…;)

  14. JuliaKupas

    Well, at least you didn’t try to buy a vowel!

  15. Jana

    Buahhahahaaa that’s too funny Mikey. Well, there you go eh? So no other chance to talk to her? She’s probably gone home and looked you up and said, “Wow” that guy is a really amazing Crocheter, teacher and He is ALL OVER YOU TUBE!!- I wished I had been able to talked to him more”!! So don’t feel bad- maybe she will e-mail you soon eh?

    Thank goodness Diva Dan stepped up and wiped the drool off of your face!!
    Thanks for “keeping it real Mikey!”

    • Jana

      Hey Mikey- any chance of you doing some entrelac crochet scarf tutorials? I am really struggling with getting one started…thanks,

  16. I am so happy for you and Diva Dan to have met Vanna White and also congrats on teaming up with Lion Brand yarn. I think now with you using both popular name brand yarns (Red Heart and Lion Brand), there is no stopping you.

  17. That is TOO funny! I would’ve been the same way 🙂

  18. Linda

    Mikey, you really are a riot! I admire you so much that I’m sure that if I ever have the opportunity to meet you, I will be just as star-struck as you were. Isn’t it amazing what nasty tricks our brains can play on us?

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