13 Crochet Patterns for Winter

Crochet Adult Sweater
Crochet Adult Sweater
Crochet Adult Sweater

Winter Crochet Projects

Here are 6 patterns to consider for crocheters to complete to have during the winter.

  1. Holiday Sparkle Sweater Pattern  (seen on right)
  2. Winter Skies Snowflake Throw Pattern
  3. Red Ruffle Wrap Pattern
  4. Warm & Shine Scarf & Headband Pattern
  5. Holiday Gift Scarf Pattern
  6. Crochet Pump up the Volume Scarf
  7. Crochet Takes a Dip Scarf Pattern
  8. 5 Hip Crochet Wristers(Opens in a new browser tab)
  9. Crochet Christmas Scalloped Dishcloth + Tutorial
  10. Crochet Crossing Paths Scarf Pattern
  11. Crochet Highline Super Scarf Pattern
  12. Crochet Kid’s Ridge Hat Pattern
  13. Cute Crochet Scarf Pattern eBook
Patterns compliments of Red Heart.

Crochet Clothing Pattern Ideas

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