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Crochet St Patricks Day 25

25 Crochet St Patricks Day Patterns

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Find the luck of the Irish in this cute round-up of 25 Crochet St Patricks Day Patterns by Jo to the World. A Nova Scotian Blogger. Jo really has an

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Crochet Twist N Shout Hat and Cowl

Crochet Twist N Shout Hat & Cowl

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The Crochet Twist N Shout Hat & Cowl is a combination of two projects to make it a complete set. Textured and visually neat pattern. Originally, the pattern was made

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Crochet Herringbone Stitch Cowl

Crochet Herringbone Stitch Chevron Cowl

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The Crochet Mia’s Herringbone Chevron Cowl is actually pretty easy. It uses the Herringbone Stitch, which is demonstrated in the tutorial below. It’s easy to follow the pattern and it’s

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Crochet Planned Pooling Wrap

Crochet Planned Pooling Intro & 15 Patterns

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Crochet Planned Pooling is the art of intentionally crocheting with variegated yarn using the moss or granite stitch. The way the variegated works up will automatically create the plaid/gingham look.

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Crochet Blue Velvet Cowl

Crochet Blue Velvet Cowl Pattern

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This cowl is super pretty and dainty. A great little pattern to work up when you are looking for something a little more on the dressy side for an evening

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Crochet Warm and Twisted Mobius Cowl

Crochet Warm & Twisted Mobius Cowl Pattern

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The Crochet Warm and Twisted Mobius Cowl is a wonderful gift-giving quick item to crochet. If you really don’t like the Mobius twist, you can just complete this item in

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Crochet Lacy Infinity Cowl

Crochet Lacy Infinity Cowl Pattern

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The Crochet Infinity Cowl is a lacy 74″ cowl that is double wrapped when you wear it. It has a scalloped shell and mesh section within. Red Heart Stardust yarn

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Crochet Butterfly Scarf

Crochet Butterfly Stitch Infinity Cowl Pattern

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Butterfly Stitch Infinity Cowl This is the Butterfly Cowl Infinity Scarf created using the Butterfly Stitch. This is so quick and easy… it’s not even funny! I used a transitional

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Crochet Snoodle

Crochet Snoodle Pattern

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Crochet Snoodle Elegant and sophisticated look, this Crochet Savvy Snoodle is incredible. What is a snoodle? It is the combination of a cowl that can slide up over the head

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Crochet Dotty Infinity Cowl

Crochet Dotty Infinity Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Dotty Infinity Cowl The Crochet Dotty Infinity Cowl is a fun little project using the new Caron Anniversary Cakes yarn. This is using two separate balls and the colour

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Crochet Chunky Cowl

Crochet Classic Chunky Cowl Pattern

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New Classic Chunky Cowl Introducing the Classic Chunky Cowl featuring new yarn by Red Heart Yarns. This yarn is called Grande, an ultra-thick yarn that is warm and trending for

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Brioche Tunisian Cowl

Tunisian Brioche Cowl Pattern for Beginners

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Tunisian Brioche Cowl for Beginners The Tunisian Brioche Cowl is a great introductory project for a crocheter who knows how to crochet but wants to go up another level in

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Crochet Infinity Cowl

Crochet Infinite Cowl Pattern

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Crochet An Infinite Cowl Deceptive complex but easy to crochet is this incredible infinite cowl. I have to admit to you, I have avoided this pattern because it looked so

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Crochet Winter in July Round Up

77 Crochet and Knit Winter In July Round-Up

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Crochet and Knit Winter in July Many free patterns go under the radar on Yarnspirations because they make so many free knit and crochet ideas to share with us. These

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