Crochet Asymmetrical Cape-Cho Pattern

Crochet Cape Cho

Crochet Asymmetrical Cape-Cho

Crochet Cape Cho
Crochet Cape Cho

Stunning new Crochet Asymmetrical Cape-Cho design that is free to use. The pattern is designed for XS – 5XL as stated in the written instructions. Recommended yarn is Patons Canadiana or equivalent yarn.

Amazing texture and shaping. It just looks amazing. The body is an easy shape to get and when folded creates an L Shape. You can see in the assembly instructions how the other pieces attach to it.

If you are looking for a really stunning and unique top, this may be up your alley!

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Crochet Asymmetrical Cape Pattern

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  1. ashley van vuuren

    Good morning All from a sunny South Africa.

    I started crocheting with my mother years ago but for some reason neglected it. During lockdown I found your sites and looked at this amazing pattern. I have 3 daughters and 1 grand daughter and would like to do this for them and even for myself,

    Looking forward to see the video tutorial, if it has already been done or the tutorial if someone is going to do it now.

    Kind regards

    • There isn’t a video at this time Mikey and the team is pretty busy with multiple projects that they have on the go right now, but I will definitely let him know you requested it.

  2. Candaceldumond

    Video please!

  3. Margaret Kirkwood

    We would appreciate a video all of your tutorials are a great help.

  4. Margaret Kirkwood

    A full fledged video is greatly needed and your tutorial are appreciated as well.

  5. Amanda O'Dell

    I showed this to my mother telling her that I would love to make one for her.
    Her response was “I will hate you if you make that and I would wear it as often as I could.”
    Obviously she was semi kidding about the hate haha.
    A video would also help out a ton as it would allow me to crochet while my 2 year old sleeps and i dont have that good of light.

  6. Doreen Ferington

    A tutorial would be great. I have a few more rows before the shape neck part and I’m a bit confused but I guess when I get to it I will figure it out

  7. Claudia

    Please could we have a video of this one. I’m not good at written patterns. Thank you!

  8. Becca

    I would love to see a tutorial for this pattern. Just read the newsletter and it said to let you know if we would:). My crochet skills have grown so much in the past few years with all your amazing tutorials. Thank you for all you do❤️

  9. tonya martin

    Hi Mikey! I love your tutorials soooooooooooo much! Do you think it would be possible for you to do a crochet along video for us enthusiastic crochet lovers who want to make the Asymmetrical Crochet Cape-Cho? Pllllllease?

    • We are thinking of it but there hasn’t been any demand other than 1 other person and you for it. So I am not sure. Probably not a crochet along but just a full fledge video if required.

      • Tonya

        That would be fantabulous!

      • tonya

        Hi Mikey! 2019 and ready to go! Hopefully the Crochet Crowd thought a little bit more ago the video tut for the cape-cho :).

  10. Lisa Carrisoza

    Looking forward to it

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