Crochet Christmas Scandinavian Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Scandinavian Christmas Blanket
Crochet Scandinanvian Blanket

Crochet Christmas Scandinavian Blanket

I was inspired by the Tim Hortons Scandinavian Cups for 2016. I looked at Yarnspirations for existing snowflakes. I found the Assorted Lily Snowflakes and wondered if I can convert one of them to a motif. With finding Snowflake A, I was able to figure out the mathematics to do this Scandinavian Inspired Snowflake Afghan was designed.

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I wanted to keep it to just red and white; however, in respect, I would have possibly chosen other colours too. I have seen this afghan in purples and blues that were really stunning.

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  1. Steven Fairbairn

    Do you have a written version of this pattern?

    • Mikey

      Yes, there is a blue button says PATTERN. If you click it, it will take you there.

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