Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath Pattern

Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath Pattern

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Halloween is fast approaching, and you can definitely feel the change in the air it’s time to get those spooky decorations ready! If you are looking for a fun wreath idea this is a great one to work up.

Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath

Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath

I have a friend who loves Halloween, and especially loves skulls so when I came across this Circle of Skulls Wreath I got pretty excited. I know what I am going to do for her birthday that is coming up soon! I love when gift ideas just seem to fall in my lap like this.

This intermediate Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath was Designed by Nancy Anderson using RED HEART® Super Saver®.  I would love to see this worked up with sugar skulls, that would be one I’d have to leave up all year long.

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Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath Pattern

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