Cowl Neck Dog Coat Pattern

Crochet Cowl Neck Dog Coat

Crochet Dog Coat Heat Wave
Crochet Dog Coat Heat Wave

It’s getting colder, not only is it time to start making warm stuff for ourselves, but we want to keep our furbabies warm too! This easy Crochet Cowl Neck Dog Coat made with the new Red Heart Heat Wave will keep your pup not only warm but stylish too. The UV activated yarn will especially keep those short-haired pup’s warm in this Crochet Cowl Neck Dog Coat who is always chilly in those colder months, it’s also a great craft show idea.

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Crochet Dog Coat Pattern


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  1. Stacey Novak

    Hi Mikey,
    I was wondering if you have any dog coat patterns that can be used on a loom knitter? I can no longer crochet due to my ALS, but I would love to make one of these for my little Jack Russell Terrier.
    Thank you,

  2. Barb turcotte

    No blue button

  3. Jill Justice

    i am so excited to try some of your patterns! thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I would like to at least look at the “Crochet Sock Monkey” pattern, but when I use the link, all I get is a page with a “W” insignia and a sign-in request. I have no idea what that page is, what it has to do with crochet, or how to find the aforementioned sock monkey information!

    • Mikey

      I followed the links. The first time you visit yarnspirations, a pop up shows up. Just click X on the pop up and it goes away.

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