Crochet Full Circle Pillow Pattern

Crochet Full Circle Pillows
Crochet Full Circle Pillows Pattern
Crochet Full Circle Pillows Pattern

Crochet Full Circle Pillows

The Crochet Full Circle Pillow is a unique design in the sense that there are no seam lines.

Like a silly crocheter, I made the assumption that there are two round panels and sewn together on the edges but I definitely would have lost the bet.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Full Circle Pillow
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The Full Circle Pillow uses Caron Simply Soft Yarn. As many of your already know, the yarn colours are rich and vibrant. The pillows makes for a homemade and vibrant accent for those who like to live on the bold side. Of course, Caron Simply Soft has neutrals and pastels for those who prefer safer colours. It’s your house, decorate it the way you want. 😀

The synopsis of this pattern is that we start off in the centre and get bigger. We will eventually get to the maximum width and then start decreasing, but be sure to put the pillow form inside before you get too small on the decrease.

Customizing and Further Help

I created two cheat sheets that you can have. I struggled with visualizing how to start each round. So what I did was to create how it’s done in crochet diagram format.

  • Be aware that each row is a set of instructions but they are not set up on the sheet on how they line up together.
  • How it works… number of the left is the round number. The stitches are shown so you can see the repeat pattern and the number on the right is the number of Double Crochets that stand by themselves in between the stitches that have 2 Double Crochets.
  • For example on Row 2… It shows Ch 3 and 1 DC into the same stitch. Next DC is by itself and then the repeat starts… 2 DC into next stitch, then 1 DC into next.
  • For example in Row 3… It shows Ch 3 (which counts as dc). Next stitch as 2 DC, Next two stitches have 1 DC… then it repeats with the next having 2 DC.
  • So you are seeing that sometimes the 2 DC stitches are near the start of the round and other times it’s on the other side. This is done to prevent very obvious seam lines that appear with round circles.


Full Circle Crochet Pillow Increasing Diagram
Full Circle Crochet Pillow Increasing Diagram. Click to Download, Save or Print.


The decreasing is much simpler as the 2 double crochet together. 2 DCTOG appears at the end of the repeat. So it’s just a matter of recognizing how many double crochets sit by themselves.

  • The number of the left is the Round number… The stitch symbols show how many stitches are required before the 2 DC TOG that appears at the end. The number of the right is number of Double Crochets that sit by themselves.
Full Circle Crochet Pillow Decreasing Diagram
Full Circle Crochet Pillow Decreasing Diagram. Click to download, save or print.


If you would like to customized the full circle to an existing pillow form that may be a different size, you can easily do it with my cheat sheets. As you will see in the video, I only do Rounds 1 – 5 before starting the middle point and then get smaller again.

In the tutorial, I talk about customizing. Now that you see my sheets, you can see the commonality of a repeat pattern if your pillow is much bigger. So it’s just a matter of adding on extra rows of instructions based on the obvious increasing nature to it.

Video Tutorial

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