Crochet Child Poncho Pattern

Crochet Child Poncho Pattern

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Girl's Crochet Poncho - 8-10 Years of Age

Girl’s Crochet Poncho – 8-10 Years of Age

Crochet Girl’s Poncho 8 -10 Years Old

The Crochet Girl’s Poncho is a one-piece garment that slides over the head of the child. There have been many requests from Crocheters to have the adult size called the Crochet Cool Poncho using Caron Cakes substituted for two reasons:

  1. Make the neck opening smaller.
  2. Make the garment one piece instead of two pieces for the adult size.

This pattern will allow you to get started. Start the same for both Adult and Child. The neckline for us adults will be smaller than the Crochet Cool Poncho. Follow the pattern as suggested and make the poncho as long as you need it to be. Instead of stopping for 16″ for the child size, just continue to crochet until your desired length. The Cool Poncho has fringe and you can opt to do fringe to skip it.


Girls Poncho


Cool Poncho

Pattern Suggestions

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Yarn Substitution & Adult Sizing

If you want to substitute Bernat Pop with Caron Cakes. You will see need 3 balls of Caron Cakes. If making an adult size, you can continue to add to the pattern and make it longer. You will need to figure out how much more yarn you may need. For Caron Cakes or Bernat Pop, plus 1 extra ball will be needed.

Using the Girl’s Poncho for a starting will stop the plunging neckline if that is an option.


Other Tutorials Featuring Ponchos

This is a playlist of all of our videos for ponchos. For kids and adults alike.

How to Add Fringe to A Poncho or Any Garment

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12 thoughts on “Crochet Child Poncho Pattern”

  1. Name DEENA Paine says:

    I need a written pattern can’t find yours. I’ll make one for me and one for child to wear.

    1. Marina King says:

      The patterns when available are usually underlined in the body of the blog, as well as in the info under the video on the youtube videos, but I have added the blue buttons for both, to make it easier.

  2. Mae says:

    Why dont my points match. I tried 5 different times

    1. SUSIE MESSMAKER says:

      I want to make the poncho in size 2/4 Toddler size, can you help me adjust the pattern, PLEASE?

      1. Mikey says:

        How big is a neck size for a 2/4 year old?

      2. SUSIE MESSMAKER says:

        Roughly 25 inches

      3. Mikey says:

        Okay… I will make a note for this for my to do list. It requires research and development. I may ask Jeanne to intervene as well as she may have free time in the next few weeks.

      4. SUSIE MESSMAKER says:

        Thank you so much!!!

  3. Staci Goodwin says:

    You have tought me all the crocheting I know it has helped so much with my depression and my bad anxiety..I just wish I could pass it on
    Thanks so much

  4. lina says:

    hi Mickey! I would like to thanks to all your tutorials. Now, I can get the caron cakes yarn in Winnipeg. so excited! thank you so much! love ya!?

  5. Robin says:

    I have learned so much from your videos. What is the best yarn to use to crochet a summer shawl?

  6. Karen says:

    I love your children’s poncho and can’t wait to make it
    For our church to donate it to a children’s home.?

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