Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber
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Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber
Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Glacier Cowl Pattern

On my recent trip on a Crochet Cruise, I crocheted this simple Glacier Cowl to wear on an excursion to the top of a glacier in Juneau, Alaska.  This pattern uses only one Caron Cake.  I made mine with the color Cake Pop.  The colors really did resemble the stunning beauty of the magnificent glacier.  The ribbed texture makes this cowl easy to wear as a long version or doubled up around your neck to keep you warm and cozy.

To change the size of my cowl. Chain in multiples of 4.

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Juneau, Alaska – September 2016

Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber
Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber



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53 thoughts on “Glacier Cowl Pattern + Tutorial

  1. I loved the article and was inspired to make Jeanne’s cowl. I saw a photo back in September of the scarf that was made from the same color, but I can’t find it. I was wondering what pattern was used and where I could find it. Thanks for your help.

  2. Thanks I am make one I run out yarn I order other roll now sit and wait? I start a other one I will made sure I got a enough yarn. I should love the pattern very easy to do only thing I do different is not join it yet I wold when I am done

  3. Jeanne, thanks so much for this pattern. I just love it. I’ve made 1 already and have started another one. I have more Caron Cakes to make more also. I may eve do one in knit ribbing just to see how it compares to the crochet pattern.

  4. I have made several of these…the problem I have is as I am crocheting the begin to twist?? Some not too bad others quite a lot?? What can I do to stop this twisting?? One didn’t twist at all. Thanks love the pattern!!

  5. Loving working on this pattern! I wanted to try something new and The Crochet Crowd made it so easy to do something new!! I was wondering, could you colour change within this pattern? – I’m trying to use yarn I have at home as opposed to buying more (trying to save money).

    Thanks for the great pattern!

  6. I have made 2 of these already and I love creating them using Caron Cakes, however I somehow was able to print this out on a pdf file and now I cannot remember how I did it???? Can you help me with this? Thanks, Leslie

  7. Gauge probably isn’t that important in a cowl, but maybe you could include some finished measurements to give us an idea of the finished size?

    Love the cowl, the site, the pattern and the tutorials! Just found this and I’m hopelessly “hooked.”

  8. I low this and made it in 2 evenings. I am very new to crocheting and it was easy with the tutorial. I do have a question, is there a hat pattern to go with this? I haven’t seen one yet. Thanks for the great tutorials.

  9. Glacier Cowl Pattern, I am very upset that no one give me pattern for Glacler Cowl Pattern and tutor…thanks.. I don’t see where Glacier Cowl Pattern and tutor is….Please help me please help me please help me..thanks..

    • Hi Renita,
      The pattern is written out for you after Jeanne’s story. There is a video Mikey posted explaining about some of the stitches that are in the pattern. He may do a tutorial later, but his camera has been in the repair shop and he may not have it back yet. The pattern is not to hard even if you might be a beginner. FPdc is front post double crochet and BPdc is back post double crochet. Once you get the hang of it you will do fine. Hope this helped!

  10. I am a beginner with a few dozen projects completed but I would love to learn chainless double crochet foundation now. I didn’t see a crochet crowd video. The YouTube tutorials I found show either 2 chains, 3 chains or 4 chains to start all for a double crochet foundation. Could you recommend a good resource? All the variations worry me. Making this as a gift.

  11. In Step 2, what do you mean by “FPdc immediately BELOW the slip stitch around the post of the previous round”? Just confused regarding what you mean by “below” the sc. I am stuck with an open area at the bottom of the double crochet ring, if that makes any sense at all! (I think I need to get a crochet tutor lol)

  12. I bought the Cake yarn when it first came out. I’ve made hats for babie and one adult. Washed them in hair conditioner n it’s even softer??. I’m so glad for this pattern. I’m hooking it now and the pattern n yarn are a perfect match. Thank you guys?

    • Hello The Crochet Crowd, Cowl pattern is not match what Tutor youTube show me.. that is different that seem not right…for FPDC and BPDC that is not right….for Cowl… that you need to explain more clearly for me to understand for cowl pattern… that need more clearly to explain me youTube tutor…that seem not right for cowl what pattern said youtube tutor. said.. thanks..

  13. The pattern is really easy and very effective but it is the use of the Caron Cake Yarn really makes it stand out and attract attention.

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