Knitting Hold Yarn with Throw

How to Hold Yarn with Knitting: Woven & Throw Method
How to Hold Yarn with Knitting: Woven & Throw Method
How to Hold Yarn with Knitting: Woven & Throw Method

How to Hold Yarn with Woven & Throw Style

This is the method of holding yarn that I am teaching myself going forward with knitting. To save hand motion and control my tension better, I am practicing with this method.

The term ‘throw’ is referred to as wrapping the yarn around the needle. Unlike the Pinch and Throw method that I have already blogged about, instead of lifting my entire hand off the knitting needle, I raise up my pointer finger and in a circular motion I throw it over the top of the needle.

Instead of my whole hand doing the motion to throw, it’s just one finger and the tension is controlled by the woven wrap going through my hands.

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Extra Tips

I found for myself this is awkward at first to master. The yarn was falling and pulling out of my pinky area. The yarn ball placement has everything to do with how the yarn feeds into your hand. The yarn should pull into your hand so the tension of the ball pulls it back into the crease between your pinky and ring finger.

I had a great fear of this constantly falling out, and it was. It feels unusual and your mind tells you that is it is wrong. You need to practice.


This method requires practicing. I would do straight knit stitches back and forth to get used to the feel and master the tension you have in your hands. I was knitting in the evenings and by the 3rd evening, I was taking my mind off of the tension and just doing it. I realized that the sudden worry of the yarn falling from my hands was no longer a concern.

You will want to practice wrapping the yarn in the woven technique. In the first few days of learning, I have to really think about the process and it’s slow to load up my hand. As I have been practicing, I am getting quicker to load up my hand and prepare to knit.

For this Series

For this series, I want to master this method. I prefer it over the way my mother taught me. While she isn’t wrong, I think this method makes more sense for me after being a crocheter of nearly 30 years. I like the yarn feeding into my hands with the tension control.


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  1. Danielle

    Nice beginning Mikey…you got it with the finguer…after you’ve mastered it with this upsidedown v method od holding the needles you may want to try the T method of holding the needles…(the left hand stays as it is, while you hold the right hand needle like you’re holding a pen, the wrapping of the warn stays as is as well)…
    Best regards and hugs

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