Loom Knitting: How to Finish Hats

Finishing top of Hat for Looming
Finishing top of Hat for Looming
Finishing top of Hat for Looming

The trick to finishing a loom knitting hat is to ensure the loom is turned upside down.

  1. Cut the strand at the end of the project about 24″ long.
  2. Feed the strand through a tapestry needled and use the needle to scoop off the loops and slide down the strand.
  3. Once all are collected, pull tight and the top of the hat will finish off beautifully.
  4. Sewing the top permanently shut by crisis cross across the top of the hat to pull the hole shut.
  5. Sink the needle down through the top of the and hat and secure on the inside of the hat.
  6. Add a pom if you wish.

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  1. Carol

    Where can I get this

  2. Ann Feist

    Something I learned when finishing loom hats. Move a loop to top of next peg, alternating all the way around. Finish off. You now have 1/2 the number of loops to gather up on your needle and pull. This makes the final gather less bulky.
    I know I didn’t describe it well. Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

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