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Canva Colour Generator
Canva Colour Generator

Online Colour Generator Program

Are you like me and struggle with colour matching? Introducing Canva.

Canva is a colour generator program that allows you to insert your colours and the program does it’s magic to show you colours that go with the colour you have selected.

As a person that matches colour, sometimes I disagree but then once the project is worked out, it looks amazing. So it may require a bit of faith. Of course, there are colours we don’t always enjoy working with too.

Canva Colour Options
Canva Colour Options – Slate Matches

You can choose from preselected colours or enter in your colour you want to match. For example, I entered in Slate to see what pops up.

The results are shown and you can click on the colours to further explore.

The colours are also categorized by themes. So really, it feels enless.

If you are needing extra help with colours, give Canva at try.

This is not a paid ad or referral for The Crochet Crowd’s benefit. It’s a courtesy message to show you what’s available. If you choose to sign up, that’s up to you and doesn’t affect The Crochet Crowd in any way. Should you be having issues with the program, please contact their support. 

Need more help with Colours?

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